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5 Ways to use Social Media to Improve Customer Retention

September 19, 2017, By Audrey Van Vark

We all know that social media can be a powerful tool to engage your customers, strengthen your relationships, and get to know your audience on a deeper level. So, how can you increase your customer's retention on social media and keep them engaged in your content? Here are 5 ways that you can improve your social media.

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10 simple tricks for creating viral videos for social media

September 15, 2017, By Audrey Van Vark

These days you don't need to have a film degree or have the super fancy equipment to make an awesome social media video. Social media marketers are using their smart phones and their untrained eyes to create compelling, interesting, and viral videos that - gasp - people are watching!  Gone are the days when you need to hire a video crew.

Facebook and Snapchat have both passed 8 billion daily video views and hundreds of millions of hours are being spent online watching video every day!

The struggle now becomes - how do you implement a good social media video . . . .

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How Great Lakes Uses Social Listening To Teach Students About Loans

September 14, 2017, By Kaliko Castille

If you know a college aged millennial the chances are they have student loans.

According to Student Loan Hero, the average millennial owes about $37,000 in student loans. If you add up the entire amount owed by student borrowers, it equals $1.45 TRILLION, which is $620 billion more than total credit card debt in the U.S.

When students are preparing to enter . . . .

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The Brand Strategy Conference returns to Chicago, October 11-13, 2017

September 12, 2017, By Breanna Jacobs

The Brand Strategy Conference returns to Chicago, October 11-13 - the must attend conference for any brand marketer or strategist.

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#HigherEd Boston Preview: Using Mascots To Boost Your Social Media

September 12, 2017, By Kaliko Castille

We are just under two months away from our Social Media Strategies Summit in Boston devoted specifically to higher education, so over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be highlighting some the presentations we’re looking forward to.

Bill Zimmerman is a lecturer at Penn State University, teaching in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications and was kind enough to sit down . . . .

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How Esurance Used Twitter To Become Most Talked About Brand During Super Bowl 50

September 11, 2017, By Kaliko Castille

To some people in the United States, football is a religion.

Every year, hundreds of millions of viewers sit down with friends and family for an American tradition you might have heard of.

The Super Bowl.

Even people who don’t have a particular allegiance to a team or an affinity for the sport will tune in to watch the television spectacle unfold. For fans of the two teams playing on the field, it’s all . . . .

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9 easy-to-learn, affordable tools for creating video content

September 8, 2017, By Breanna Jacobs

Take advantage of these intuitive, easy-to-learn video editing programs that won’t eat up your marketing budget.

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A complete list of what the Snapchat icons mean

August 28, 2017, By Audrey Van Vark

Snapchat has become one of the most influential platforms in social media for the younger generation. But with the platform being designed for the tech-savvy user, it can be a bit confusing for those just getting started.

Don't be intimidated! We're here to help you understand the basics.

Snapchat is a great tool to show off what happens day-to-day behind your brand - giving your consumers an inside look that makes your brand feel more relatable. You can upload images or 10-second-maximum videos that disappear once they're viewed. 

So why would a brand want to . . . .

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#HigherEd Snapchat Case Study: How To Use Geofilters On Campus

August 7, 2017, By Kaliko Castille

Here at Social Media Strategies Summit we believe that social media is a necessary piece of any organization’s marketing and/or communication strategy. Whether you are Fortune 500 company, a non-profit organization or a institution of higher education.

In addition to our three annual #SMSSummit events in SF, Chicago and NYC we also put on an event aimed specifically at marketing/communication/admission professionals within the world of higher education.  

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How Casper Created A Cult Following Using Social Media

July 27, 2017, By Kaliko Castille

All photos courtesy of Casper

It almost goes without saying these days that we are living in an era of disruption. From electric vehicles and solar roofs to the sharing economy and driverless cars.

The fascinating thing about disruptive companies is that they can manage to completely upend traditional systems (and generational brands) by refusing to do things the way they’ve always been done. One industry category that has experienced a lot of disruption over the last few years is one you . . . .

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