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How Miller Lite Used Social Listening To Drive Sales

June 28, 2017, By Kaliko Castille

If you were a fly on the wall at Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago, then you probably heard a couple buzzwords that seemed to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue: Social Listening.

According to Sprout:

“Social listening is the process of tracking conversations around specific phrases, words or brands, and then leveraging them to discover . . . .

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​5 Slides That Prove Social Care Helps Your Marketing

June 26, 2017, By Kaliko Castille

If you grew up in the United States, chances are that you’ve come in contact with some products from the iconic brands Kraft & Heinz, which merged in 2015 to form the Kraft-Heinz Company.

We were lucky enough to be joined at #SMSSummit in Chicago by Social Media Manager James Vetrano, who’s presentation was packed with statistics about how often consumers are using social networks to interact with (or just talk about) brands. Today we are going to highlight five of our favorite statistics from his presentation that show how important it is for brands to have a Social Care . . . .

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Top 5 Ways to Guarantee Brand Safety in Video Influencer Campaigns

June 19, 2017, By Justin Moore

In recent months, some marketers have raised concerns that their ads may be running alongside hateful or inflammatory content on platforms like YouTube.  While opinions vary on how widespread the issue is, several brands including AT&T and Johnson & Johnson temporarily halted their ads until they got straight answers.  YouTube quickly scrambled to . . . .

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15 free tools to help you write killer blog posts

February 3, 2017, By Breanna Jacobs

As a writer, the creative cup does not always runneth over with awesome blog post ideas. This is especially true if you need to come up with quality ideas on a consistent basis.

Enter the web, plus many marketers struggling with this same issue, and voila! Tons of awesome tools available to help you pack a punch with your next piece. Also, these are free.

Topic ideas

1 - . . . .

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6 awesome live video campaigns and what you can learn from them

January 27, 2017, By Breanna Jacobs

The era of live video thus far has been both an exciting and scary time for marketers.  The business case is glaringly clear: video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. People spend 3x longer watching video that’s live versus pre-recorded (SocialMediaToday). What this means, though, is sharing raw, unedited content with hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of watching fans and customers.  Um… talk about . . . .

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4 questions with Chris Bowler - How customer-led marketing and data are changing the game

January 13, 2017, By Breanna Jacobs

Chris Bowler, SVP, Social and Content Marketing at Razorfish, helps lead his clients forward in the use of ever-evolving social media and content marketing channels. Chris will be joining us at the upcoming Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco, February 7-9, to share how marketers can use Facebook and Twitter audience insights to create personalized ads. He let me pick his brain a bit about how . . . .

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Interview with SMSS speaker Laurel Wilde: Tips for building social from the ground up

January 5, 2017, By Breanna Jacobs

Laurel Wilde, Community & Social Media Manager at Mayfield Robotics, will be joining us at the upcoming Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco, February 7-9, to share her experience building on the customer service strategy at her current company. I got to ask her a few questions about what it's like to make a big impact on social with limited resources. 

This is your second role developing social from scratch - first . . . .

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21 free, easy-to-use design tools and resources for marketers

December 16, 2016, By Breanna Jacobs

Is it just me, or is picking out the art to accompany a blog or social media post sometimes more difficult than the writing itself?

Everyone, including me, skims over big chunks of text. Half the battle of a strong post is making sure that you display your (stellar!) content in a way that’s easily digestible and visually appealing.

What’s awesome is the plethora of free design tools out there that are super easy to learn and don’t require much tech-savvy, as is often assumed with learning new software. I’m . . . .

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9 expert tips to make the most out of your conference networking

December 14, 2016, By Audrey Van Vark

You’ve arrived.

There you are, attending a conference and looking to network with some peers and professionals. You don’t know anyone. Where do you start?

Making the most out of a room can be the difference between a successful conference and a dud.

Here are 9 sure-fire ways to get YOU the most out of your attendance.

1) Make a goals list

Knowing exactly what it . . . .

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Top 5 most popular SMSS talks on content you need to listen to

December 9, 2016, By Breanna Jacobs

Not surprisingly, one of the most popular topics that dominated the talks featured at our Social Media Strategies Summits this year was content strategy, creation and marketing. From challenges including resources, quality, brand voice, storytelling and content marketing, we had a number of awesome speakers come in throughout the year to share insights on how marketers, like you, can keep pace with customer demand for entertaining and informative content. I’ve . . . .

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