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3 Practical Ways to Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy

Today’s content marketers have proven that distributing valuable, relevant content attracts prospects and moves them through the sales cycle. Once you’ve got the hang of using content marketing for lead generation and conversion (versus demand generation), you’re ready to stretch your marketing capabilities to make a greater impact on the business.

To take your content marketing to the next level, start using content to add value to your solution, long after the sale. Advanced content marketing strategies can make your product/service more valuable, customers more loyal, and long-term revenues more consistent.

In competitive industries or subscription-based businesses, content can be a critical differentiator to support ongoing customer relationships.

Here are three strategies to increase the value of your content marketing efforts:

1. Be useful after the purchase.


The sooner a customer starts realizing value from their purchase, the more loyal they are bound to be. While many marketers disengage once prospects become customers, the smart ones follow through on the promises they made before the sale.

Marketing is responsible for setting customer expectations, so it only makes sense that they stay involved as those expectations are met (or not).

Put your creative content minds to work on the following:

  • Create a great welcome campaign, making sure new customers have access to the resources they need.
  • Track usage in the early days and create campaigns to take action if customers aren’t getting started.
  • Create online guides and videos to help people through the tricky parts. (Check out the How to Zip video series from ZipCar.)
  • Make sure you offer the information customers need in several formats (videos, PDFS of printed instructions, etc.) People learn in different ways.

Taking these actions may require you to work with others involved in Customer Success, Fulfillment, and Customer Support. But it’s worth the work to make the customer feel welcome and successful.

2. Let content show how to maximize product/service output and demonstrate industry leadership.



cmo site

Content can be the perfect complement to whatever you sell, helping customers find new and creative ways to use it.

To take advantage of this strategy, create content with your current customers in mind.

For example, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box service for beauty products. The company publishes online magazines for both women and men that offer makeup and beauty tips.

In the B2B world, Adobe’s CMO.com site uses content to add value for prospects and customers alike. Adobe editors curate useful articles about marketing and develop original content about marketing trends and predictions. They do not pitch Adobe Marketing Cloud on the site, but focus on helping marketers find more success.

3. Use content to fuel ongoing relationships.

dollar shave club

american express - open forum

Make customers happy about doing business with you by continually providing them with relevant, valuable, or entertaining content.

Some businesses create fun or clever content that customers look forward to receiving and sharing. When using this approach, try to remain consistent in tone and style through your customer interactions. Dollar Shave Club is an example of a business that has built attitude and humor into its brand fabric.

It doesn’t have to be all fun and games. American Express Open Forum offers relevant and specific content for small business owners by providing customer stories, videos, curated articles and practical guidance.

Gating content doesn’t work well when you’re trying to generate leads and awareness. But when creating content for customers after the sale, putting it behind a login might make sense. By offering some content to customers or subscribers only, you reinforce benefit of being a customer.

The Subscription Marketing Imperative

In many businesses, the practices described represent advanced content marketing strategies. If your business depends on recurring revenue (customers that purchase repeatedly or subscribers that renew), the above techniques are critical in developing a successful standard operating procedure.

In a subscription-based business, content marketing is fused with customer satisfaction—and must continue long beyond the initial sale. The steps above will help you cultivate ongoing customer loyalty and differentiate your business in the long run.

(Feature image: Jake Hills, Unsplash.com)


Anne Janzer is the author of the book Subscription Marketing and a content marketing consultant.

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