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5 of the Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

To run any truly successful social media campaign or program, every marketer needs the proper tools. One of the most important tools a marketer can have is a social media monitoring tool. For small businesses with minimal budgets, buying an expensive software program might be out of reach. Luckily, there are plenty of free tools available that have a surprising amount of features for social media monitoring.

From the simple straight shooters to the more complex reports, there is a free social media tool available for your needs. To help you get started on your search, we have pulled together five of the best free options in social media monitoring tools available.

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1) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media monitoring tools. It's a web based system, although they also have a mobile app, that allows you to manage multiple accounts from multiple social media platforms. Hootsuite integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, FourSquare, and Mixi making it one of the most diverse social media monitoring tools. In the the free version, there are a limited amount of reports that will help you decipher what types of posts are shared most often on your accounts.

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2) TwentyFeet

TwentyFeet aggregates data from Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube, MySpace, and Bit.ly in one place. For Facebook and Twitter they offer a forever free account. TwentyFeet tracks dozens of different variables for each social networks including likes, retweets, conversations, and much, much more. Through the TwentyFeet platform users can set up email alerts for different scenarios with each variable. That way you won't find yourself constantly checking the stats, just take a look whenever you get an email.

3) Peerindex

Peerindex is a social media monitoring tool that turns the main focus away from hard numbers to the actual people in your networks. It helps brand identify the biggest key influencers in their social networks without the extensive manual labor that usually goes into the process. Reports from Peerindex over 50 actionable insights as well as data surrounding your social networks top 250 influencers. Peerindex will give you number ratings on your influence in a similar way to Klout.

4) SocialMention

If you are simply looking to see who is talking about your brand and where, SocialMention is a simple and to the point web based tool. Type your brand name into SocialMention and it will start "Searching content from across the universe..." as the search page says while it works. After, you will receive a list of results of the mentions of your brand in blogs, comments, images, news, video, and more. Keep tabs on all the conversations with their email alerts and receive real time mentions.

5) Topsy

Topys is another place to go to search for conversations about your brand and to discover what topics and keywords are trending in your industry. You can segment which areas of the world wide web to search including links, tweets, photos, videos, and expert commentary. The basic web search is a free service, but you can choose to update to the paid version for more comprehensive reports that includes identifying key influencers.

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