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How different mobile devices display email subject lines [Infographic]

Email marketers are having to make some serious overhauls in their campaigns to adjust to the explosion of mobile device use. According to a study from Experian Marketing Services, 50 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices now. This shift to mobile means that the always critical subject line has been reduced to mobile sizes.

The subject line has always been the most crucial factor as to whether or or not an email will be opened. The task of creating a compelling subject line has always been a challenge because of inherent limited space. Now because of varying mobile screens, email marketers often have even fewer characters to work with. The infographic below from Mass Transit gives an overview of how many characters popular smartphones and tablets provide for email subject lines.

On some smart phones, like the Nokia Luma 800 Windows phone, there can be as little as 17 characters of an email subject lined displayed. That forces a great deal to be interpreted by the recipient in just a few words. Not only does the mobile device make a considerable difference in how many characters of the subject line appear, but also how the user holds their device. For the smartphones included in the research for the infographic below, the number of characters more than doubles for most of them if the user just turns the phone screen from portrait view to landscape view. Unfortunately, there is no way yet for marketers to know how recipients are viewing the emails, but that doesn't mean marketers shouldn't take those factors into consideration.

To effectively target those recipients who are receiving and, hopefully, opening emails on their mobile devices, marketers must take an even deeper look at their email data. From there, tactics could include developing multiple subject lines for the same email and testing it out on different users who typically use a particular device.



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