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How to Maximize Social Media ROI on Quora

Social media marketers are always trying to attain the best social media ROI regardless of the website in question. One platform that many overlook is Quora, the widely popular Q&A site that's the darling of Silicon Valley's technorati elite as well as regular users around the world. It's free, easy to use and may even be more effective than LinkedIn at driving traffic. To get the most from Quora, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Don't Spam the Threads You're not going to help your social media ROI on Quora by forum-spamming Q&A threads and blatantly promoting your brand where it's inappropriate. In other words, don't answer questions about which you have no expertise or address topics completely unrelated to your core business. Consider what kinds of users might be interested in your brand and what types of queries they might submit, then respond to questions posed by these potential customers.

Deliver Value Before You Promote In many ways, Quora is basically Yahoo Answers on steroids, albeit with a far more savvy audience. The most important step to take when maximizing social media ROI on Quora is fleshing out your profile by detailing exactly what your brand does and where it's strengths lie. When answering questions, make sure to add value to the post freely without any expectation of a payoff. Once you've established a certain level of respect within the community, you can pursue a somewhat more aggressive promotional strategy.

Use the Site for Market Research One of the most valuable uses of Quora is as a market research tool for identifying trending topics relevant to potential clients. It's easy to tailor your profile preferences to get information on subjects and questions that concern your brand on a weekly basis. Looking at which questions attract the most responses can give you a lot of in-depth insight into where your industry or niche is headed and how to capitalize on that information.

Cross-Promote Your Quora Profile If your brand already has a healthy following and a high degree of interaction on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit, you can use that clout to redirect traffic to Quora. The beautiful thing about Quora is that only a certain subset of your following will be attracted to it in the first place. As such, promoting your Quora account won't negatively impact social media ROI on other sites. That niche traffic can prove invaluable for the reasons described above.

Use the Curation Tool While most associate Quora with a strict Q&A format, it can actually be used as a platform for traditional content marketing through the Boards feature. Once you've established yourself as an authority on the site, you can use Boards to publish content like articles, blog posts and helpful how-tos that can attract greater traffic to your primary target domain. If you're looking to boost your social media ROI on Quora, Boards are an absolute must.

Closing Arguments As with any other social media marketing tactic, Quora promotion isn't a quick fix to brand awareness problems. Rather, it should be used in conjunction with your other promotional strategies as part of an overall social media marketing master plan. Used with a little bit of subtlety and tact, Quora can be one of the best ways to promote your brand online. As far as social media ROI is concerned, it's a powerful tool that no serious online marketer should neglect.

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