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Organic Reach Is Dead, Paid Social Is the New Normal

If you didn’t get a chance to come out to the Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago, you missed out on some amazing speakers! 

One of my favorite presentations came from James Chong, Senior Manager of Social Customer Engagement for the popular shoe company TOM’S.

Chong’s presentation was entitled “Best practices in using Facebook ads to drive sales”, and focused on giving tangible, strategic takeaways for how to best optimize paid ad campaigns on Facebook.

He started out his presentation with screenshots showing that Tom’s Facebook page only has a 1.3% organic reach on over 3 million “likes”, making a case that “organic reach is dead” on the world’s largest social media platform.

This was a sentiment that would be repeated from several other speakers throughout the summit and echoed by attendees on #SMSSummit twitter stream.

One thing Chong mentioned is important to think about, is segmenting out your Facebook ad creatives based on well defined audience sets. Think about the different types of customers & potential customers that would engage with your brand. This will allow you to speak to each of them individually through personalized creatives (also based on where they are at in the funnel), which will increase engagement rates and if paired with a proper call to action, lead to more sales.

A few other takeways & Facebook best practices Chong mentioned in his presentation were:

  • Link directly to product page. Don’t add extra clicks (work) for the customer.
  • Refresh your creative & target audience every 1-2 weeks
  • Utilize video to capture attention, but must hook viewer in first 5 seconds
  • Include subtitles for when videos are watched with the sound off

I was able to chat with James after this presentation to gain a little more insight into how TOM’s goes about executing paid advertising on Facebook to drive sales.

You can listen to the full interview below:

If you were an attendee of our summit in Chicago, you already have access to PDF’s of all speaker presentation, but if you didn’t make it out this time around you can download a PDF version of James Chong’s presentation here.

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Kaliko Castille (@WizKaliko) manages partnerships for GSMI’s conference portfolio, including #SMSSummit & #SRSC. He is a self-taught digital marketer, brand strategist, and entrepreneur who is endlessly fascinated by how the internet is constantly creating new ways for both humans and brands to connect.

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