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Social Stories: How to Storytell In The Age Of Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about a little messaging app called Snapchat.

The first thought most people used to have when they heard about “Snapchat” was that it was a sexting app, because of it’s disappearing message feature. Fast forward a few years, and Snapchat is now one of the largest mainstream social media platforms around with over 160 million daily active users --- according to our partners PopShorts.


Aside from the ephemeral disappearing messages (“Snaps”), another key feature that Snapchat brought to the social media world was the “story” format.

In the same way that Facebook pioneered the “news feed”, which was eventually adopted by other popular social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), Snapchat developed the idea of sharing photos & videos in a cohesive “story” of your day, which are only posted for 24 hours before they go away.

In August of 2016, Instagram (owned by Facebook) sent shockwaves through the social media world when they launched their own “stories” product. Given the sheer volume of users Instagram had amassed, they quickly passed Snapchat in terms of daily active users who were using the “stories” feature.


Since then, even Instagram’s parent company Facebook has launched their own version of “stories”, so it seems that as a format “stories” are here to stay. In fact, recently at TechCrunch Disrupt, Instagram’s Head of Product said that he thinks as a product stories will be widely adopted across different social platforms.


One of our sessions at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago was put on by PopShorts (an influencer marketing agency), who explained in detail how Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook stories work and how brands can create highly engaging, snackable content for their audience.

Here are a few more helpful slides from their presentation, which explains the differences between how the platforms are using stories:




Whether you're a fan of Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, one thing is for certain --- the story format is here to stay and the best way for your brand to be prepared for the next iteration of social stories is to start to become a practioner today. 

After their presentation, I had a chance to chat with the CEO of PopShorts Adam Gausepohl about how brands can use Snapchat & Instagram influencers to reach their target audience, and how small business owners can take the first steps towards understanding Snapchat before they devote resources to developing content on the platform.

You can listen to their interview below:


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Kaliko Castille (@WizKaliko) manages partnerships for GSMI’s conference portfolio, including #SMSSummit & #SRSC. He is a self-taught digital marketer, brand strategist, and entrepreneur who is endlessly fascinated by how the internet is constantly creating new ways for both humans and brands to connect.

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