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Tech Week in Review: Everyone Loves Pinterest, Google Working on Smartphone Glasses, and More…

Can’t get enough of Pinterest? You are not alone. The photo/idea/inspiration board site is now the No. 3 top social network in the United States, according to a Experian Hitwise study. It narrowly beat out LinkedIn and comes in right behind Facebook and Twitter in popularity. It will be interesting to see how this site flourishes in the upcoming months.

If Google gets its way, we’ll all soon be wearing special smartphone glasses. The search engine giant revealed last week that the company is taking the smartphone to new levels with ‘Project Glass’ – which is the development of a device that looks like sunglasses, but has all the data of a smartphone.

When you put the glasses on, you’ll be able to see texts, calendar updates, maps, and more, literally right in front of your face.

Google has been keeping hush-hush on the project for the past two years and there is no projected release date in sight. The future of technology might be right before our eyes (literally).

AOL just sold Microsoft 800 of its patents and licenses for AOL’s 300 remaining patents for a billion dollars.

From AOL’s official press release:

"The agreement with Microsoft represents the culmination of a robust auction process for our patent portfolio," said Tim Armstrong, AOL's Chairman and CEO. "We continue to hold a valuable patent portfolio as highlighted by the license we entered into with Microsoft. The combined sale and licensing arrangement unlocks current dollar value for our shareholders and enables AOL to continue to aggressively execute on our strategy to create long-term shareholder value."

The release also stated that “AOL will continue to hold a significant patent portfolio of over 300 patents and patent applications spanning core and strategic technologies, including advertising, search, content generation/management, social networking, mapping, multimedia/streaming, and security among others. AOL also received a license to the patents being sold to Microsoft.”

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