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Top 10 Companies With Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns on Facebook


Facebook rules- at least from a digital campaign perspective Companies have many social media marketing options to build hype around their products and even more ways that haven’t been discovered yet. Social media marketing on Facebook produces results, builds brand loyalty and helps define your image. Companies can use Facebook to host their social media campaign in numerous ways. Creativity yields better results for businesses with their social media campaigns. Below are the Top 10 campaigns we found and wanted to share.


1. Oreo

Oreo took advantage of the blackout during the 2013 Super Bowl in an interesting, provocative way. They posted a single image donned with the words “You can still duck in the dark.” The big black and white cookie hit a home run. The post went viral. Turns out, Oreo had a 15 personteam on hand to take advantage of captive super bowl audience. Now, that’s a strong social media marketing campaign.


FB Link: www.facebook.com/oreo

Likes: 32 million


2. Nike

Like Oreo, Nike used a major sporting event to surround their social media campaign. They skipped the high profile athletes of the 2012 Olympics and instead featured the average Olympic athletes. Nike gained 166,718 Facebook fans during the London Olympics.


FB Link: www.facebook.com/nike

Likes: 12.6 million


3. Heinz

Heinz, primarily, uses Facebook to launch new products, like their 5-bean blend. They created a game where the person answered a series of questions, which was like a personality test. The results were given in types of beans. A personalized bean were sent to five winnersevery hour. If you shared the app with ten people, you received a goodiieeie bag. Coupons were also offered.


FB Link: www.facebook.com/HeinzKetchup

Likes: 1.1 million+


4. Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain used a variety of tactics to sell their brand over multiple Facebook social media campaigns. They are known for quirky, timely images and extensive sampler pack giveaways. The company just celebrated their 900,000 likes.


FB Link: www.facebook.com/GreenMountainCoffee

Likes: 900K+


5. A&E Parking Wars

This interactive facebook game had 400,000 users in two months. Nearly a million people tried the app, which allowed you to join a parking wars scenario in the virtual world. To gain the highest virtual earnings, you had to log in multiple times a day. It also played to the competitive human nature, which resulted in huge exposure for the fedgling show.


FB Link: www.facebook.com/GreenMountainCoffee

Likes: 277K+


6. Coke Zero Facial Profiler

In one month, 150,000 users compared their faces with others by using the Coke Zero Facial Profiler. It was a face recognition software program gone viral.


FB Link: www.facebook.com/cocacolazero

Likes: 4.2 million


7. Intel Museum of Me

This world-renown facebook social media campaign used your facebook page to create a “museum of Me” in a 3-minute video complete with music and other museum visitors. Take the tour of your Social life, it’s awesome. http://www.intel.com/museumofme


FB Link: www.facebook.com/Intel

Likes: 18 million+


8. Clairol

To promote their Nice n Easy colour blend foam, Clairol launched a massive, multi-day giveaway. Over 100,000 samples were given to lucky Facebook users. The number of fans grew 944 percent from that social media campaign.


FB Link: www.facebook.com/clairol

Likes:  596K+


9. Ford Explorer Reveal

This creative reveal of the new Ford Explorer used multiple social media accounts to create a scavenger hunt style reveal of the new SUV. It created an immense hype (that the company widely benefited from) in the blogosphere.


FB Link:www.facebook.com/FordExplorer

Likes: 233K+


10. Kohl’s Cares

Kohl’s launched a social media campaign that would help them decide how to give away millions of dollars to schools in need. The campaign yielded 1.5 million likes for the company.


FB Link: www.facebook.com/kohls

Likes: 10 million +


Social media marketing is a formidable tool for any business to use. It can build brand loyalty and allows customers to feel their interacting with the company. How will your business use Facebook in their digital marketing this year and beyond?

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