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Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips to Remember

In spite of its massive potential, Twitter marketing has proven to be a tough nut to crack for many businesses. Though the basics are easy enough to master, concocting a winning promotional strategy is much more difficult. Here are 10 easy ways to supercharge your Twitter marketing immediately.

Equip Yourself With the Right Tools

So many marketers dive into the Twitter pool head first without setting themselves up for success. Managing a full-blown Twitter marketing campaign requires the use of advanced tools like Bottlenose, HootSuite and Commun.it to keep things organized and running on schedule.

Build a Die-Hard List

The cost of maintaining a following on Twitter is nothing compared to email marketing. Still, you'll get more out of it if your followers are passionate. Research your target audience first before you expend a lot of time and effort marketing to those who aren't interested.

Organize Networking Events

As a marketing vehicle, Twitter is geared towards brief interactions and quick news blasts. However, it's equally adept at inclusive networking a la Google+ Hangouts if you do it right. Use a tool like Tweetvite to organize tweetups on the latest hot topic.

Join Conversations

One of the best networking options available to any business on Twitter is the app-enabled conversation. Use TweetChat and Twubs to invite your followers to conversations to make the Twitter experience more interactive and gain insight into your audience's mindset.

Choose Hashtags Wisely

Optimizing your hashtags has a huge impact on how effective your Twitter efforts will be. Hashtags help followers and non-followers alike in finding relevant content. As such, it's important to spend some time choosing the right hashtags to go with your tweets.

Don't Market in Your Tweets

The entire point of limiting people to 140 characters or less per message is to trim the fat. Don't market directly in your tweets. Rather, use your tweets to funnel traffic to off-site marketing locations where you can engage followers more directly.

Do Your Keyword Homework

Alongside hashtags, primary keywords are the most important components of any tweet. Considering the fact that Google indexes tweets and displays them in their SERPs, selecting the right keywords can have a long-lasting effect on your SEO efforts.

Engage the Influential

The best way to get your tweets to go the distance is to identify the most prominent and active users in your niche and use them to promote your content. Focus your efforts on attracting the power users within your field.

Court Controversy with Care

While controversial or thought-provoking tweets can boost traffic significantly within a short period of time, they can also shoot you in the foot. Take care when posting anything too edgy, as public sentiment can turn against you quicker than you might imagine.

Diversify Your Tactics

As a means of channeling traffic, Twitter is an underrated powerhouse. Utilizing a varied mix of the approaches outlined above is the best way to go. Don't put all your eggs in the same basket and use analytics regularly to assess your ROI.

A Twitter Strategy That Works

Twitter has its own unique set of rules and best practices that must be adhered to if you want the best results possible. Though perfecting a Twitter marketing strategy that works is no easy task, the rewards can be immense if you can manage to see it through to the end.

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