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Top 5 most popular SMSS talks on content you need to listen to

Not surprisingly, one of the most popular topics that dominated the talks featured at our Social Media Strategies Summits this year was content strategy, creation and marketing. From challenges including resources, quality, brand voice, storytelling and content marketing, we had a number of awesome speakers come in throughout the year to share insights on how marketers, like you, can keep pace with customer demand for entertaining and informative content. I’ve rounded up 5 of our most popular content talks of 2016 that you should listen to. 

1. Branded Content Creation: Defining Your Area of Authority

To stay relevant in the space, brands are required to push beyond the default, obvious topics for content - their product, services, and special offers. Exploring into the unknown content creation world can be daunting. How exactly do you define your brand’s area of authority? More importantly, once this area of authority is defined, how do you activate these insights to develop the most useful types of content? Speaker Melanie Deziel, a Branded Content and Native Advertising Consultant, shares lessons learned from her work with The Huffington Post, New York Times, and Time Inc.

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2. Measuring the Impact of Content Marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute, 49% of B2B and 51% of B2C marketers are challenged by measuring the ROI of their content marketing… yikes! Content marketing ROI can really only begin, though, once you clearly understand and have defined your objectives. How do you pair the right metrics to these goals? Brian Honigman, Content Marketing Consultant and CEO of Honigman Media, gave an insightful talk on what it takes to address the challenges associated with content measurement and how to begin applying metrics to content goals moving forward. Brian complements his tips and tricks with case study examples so you can see content marketing ROI in action.

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3. The trick to Improve Content ROI: Make Your Content 3D

Two million blog posts are written every day. Yes. Every. Day. With brands working hard to increase views, improve engagement and yield higher conversions from their content, even the best of the best needs a paid lift. Ok, great. So how do you evaluate the results? Carrie Kerpen, CEO and co-founder of Likeable Media, grew her company from a husband-and-wife start-up into an award-winning content studio. In this talk, she shares the 3 step process to ensuring social media ROI through her proven method of mixing organic curation, creative production and promoted connections. You’ll learn the 1 trick that will save you time and revisions while working on social media content.

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4. Engaging Storytelling at Scale while Maintaining Individual Relationships

Recent years have shown us many moving, powerful examples of brand storytelling, showcasing how these initiatives can driven brand loyalty and build meaningful moments for engagement with consumers. Walmart has made a huge commitment to telling its story and rebuilding its reputation. Chad Mitchell, Senior Director of Digital Communications for Walmart, lead the team’s strategic approach to reputation storytelling to rebuild trust between Walmart and its customers - developing content focused on Walmart associates and customers to help bring their stories to life. In this talk, Chad will share a behind-the-scenes look at how they strategically shifted their storytelling focus, results they’ve seen, and how they applied lessons learned along the way to help them plan for the future.

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5. Using Social Listening to Create Cross-Channel Content

What’s the best way to find out what your customers want? Listen to them. Cross-channel content can be extremely powerful when your brand differentiates content across Facebook, Twitter and other channels. It’s your best tool to begin building a loyal following on each. Stacey Jaffe, Managing Director of National Social Media and Paid Ads at Teach For America in New York City, plays the important role of developing strategies to improve the social media experience for their various audiences. In this talk, Stacey explores how they’ve harnessed social listening to choose content that ignites meaningful conversations around education. Through these conversations, Teach For America is able to nurture and create a sense of community that keeps coming back for more content.

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If you're interested in learning more about content next year - join us at the upcoming Social Media Strategies Summit Strategies Summit in San Francisco, February 7-9, 2017. Learn more here.

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Breanna Jacobs manages GSMI’s conference production team and is the lead for the company’s digital marketing conference portfolio. She produces 8+ conferences per year, working directly with senior level speakers and collaborating with marketing and sales teams to drive event publicity and content marketing initiatives.

She’s researched and launched several new, successful programs from scratch including the UX Strategies Summit, Mobile+Web Developer Conference and the Brand Strategy Conference.

Prior to GSMI, Breanna was an ESL teacher, studied and taught abroad in Spain (Olé!). She graduated with a BA in Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara. She’s a runner, bookworm, and traveler.

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