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Top 5 Reasons People Follow a Brand on Social Media

Are you posting the content your customers want to read on social media? Whether you’re just starting out or are trying to determine why other brands have so many more followers than you, the answer is simple ─ you have to give them what they want to read.

Findings from social media behavioral researcher, Tom Webster and the Edison Research team revealed the percentage of people following at least one brand on social media more than doubled from 16 percent in 2010 to 33 percent in 2012. This percentage will likely increase in the coming years, providing you with the chance to connect with even more customers on social media.

The top 5 reasons people follow a company on social media are:

1)     Promotions and Discounts: Quite possibly the number one reason people follow you on social media is for discounts. Whether you initially got people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter to receive a discount, or simply offer regular promotions exclusively to your social fans, this serves as a great incentive to hold their attention. For example, Menchie’s offered free frozen yogurt to fans on National Frozen Yogurt Day to fans who “liked” their Facebook page.

Reasons_ Menchies

2)    To Stay in the Know: Current customers like being the first to know what their favorite brands are up to. Use your social sites to announce new products, partnerships, and other exciting updates to your loyal patrons.

3)   Product Assistance & Customer Service: These days many customers prefer to use social media to ask questions about your products and services, than call or email your company. Providing quick and thorough assistance on social platforms is an effective way to utilize your pages ─ especially if much of your audience is younger. For example, Delta Airlines has an entire Twitter account dedicated to customer assistance.

Reasons_ Delta

4)    Entertaining Content: No one wants to follow a brand with boring content. Writing amusing posts is great way to keep people coming back for more.

5)    Ability to Offer Feedback: Many customers want the ability to offer input on your products and services. Using social media as a way to garner their opinions makes people feel valued, enticing them to continue following your company. For example, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos uses their Facebook page to ask fans questions about their menu.

Reasons_ Wahoo's

Your customers have a lot to choose from when deciding which brands to follow on social media. Be sure to create engaging content that adds value, so people opt to keep up with your pages.


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