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Top Ten Social Media Tips for Businesses

Does your business use social media to market? Today's Top Ten are my top ten tips for businesses using and looking to use social media to market to their consumers:

1- Set Realistic Goals

Set simple and realistic goals.  Goals allow businesses to build strategies with a purpose, measure those strategies and continue to grow.  Social media may be a new way of marketing but many of the same rules still apply.  Don't get so caught up in the social media frenzy that you forget to set goals that are both realistic and on point with your businesses overall goals.

2- Participate as a Consumer

It's easy to forget we are all consumers.  Be sure to look at your social media campaigns from the eyes of a consumer. Ask yourself if you would Like the Facebook Page, Follow on Twitter and leave a comment. If the answer is "no" why would others?

3-  Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Social Media

There is only one guarantee in social media, things change often and quickly.  In fact, it seems the second you're comfortable with a social platform, layout and the rules everything changes.  Be sure your business stays on top of changes and makes adjustments as changes occur. Has your organization updated to Facebook's Timeline yet?

4- Pay Attention to the Competition

Try "Liking" your competitors Facebook Page, Following them on Twitter and subscribing to their blog.  Pay attention to how they utilize social media.  Use this information to build a stronger social presence.

5- Build a Social Community

Social communities are extremely powerful and without them businesses social efforts will fall flat.  No matter how fun, engaging and creative a social campaign if there isn't a community to participate then it won't work. Put time, effort and resources into building a strong community on social platforms.

6- Listen to Social Communities

True social communities are alive with chatter! Businesses that have built communities must listen to the chatter carefully.  If there are common questions, comments, likes or concerns your social community will tell you.

7- After you Listen DO SOMETHING

If your business has built a strong community that's chattering be sure to respond accordingly. Thank your community for positive feedback, take action if they demand a change and apologize when necessary.

8- Monitor Social Media Efforts

Whether your business uses social platform analytics (Facebook, Twitter, Google) or works with a service such as Radian6 the most important thing is you're measuring.  There is no way to know what's working and what isn't without paying attention to your efforts and measuring.

9- Try Something New

There are almost a limitless number of social platforms, services, apps and ways to engage via social media.  Every once and a while try something new and watch what happens. You may be surprised at what you see.

10- Hire the Right People

If you're hiring new staff to run your businesses social media be sure they are creative with marketing minds.  Too often the focus is on whether the new hire has experience in social media.  What's more important is whether your prospective hire is creative, can come up with fun and out of the box campaigns and build engaging communities.


If you are looking for more social media tips and tricks consider attending one of our Social Media Strategies Summits or Conferences:

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