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Internal Collaboration

April 23rd, 2:30pm
Long gone the days when social media can be treated as a bolt on to a marketer’s “proven toolbox”. As such social media needs to be fully connected to the marketing and overall company strategy and executed not as a one-off tactic but as an integral component of the overall marketing recipe. Furthermore, effective social media requires ongoing experimentation – and can help inform and shape strategy. Jennifer Dominiquini will share a proven framework...Read More
Jennifer Dominiquini
CMO, Seasonal and Outdoor Living
Sears & Kmart
, Michele Wingate
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April 23rd, 3:25pm
Social media is a double-edged sword. It offers a wealth of opportunities for greater connection and communication, with your customers and among your employees. It can help you recruit and retain the best employees. It can be a source for new ideas and innovations that are the lifeblood of growth. But social media also poses unprecedented new risks and challenges for your business. It can expose you to legal liability. It can drain productivity. And it even allows a wayward...Read More
Jonathan Hyman
Partner, Author of Ohio Employer’s Law Blog and "Think Before You Click: Strategies for Managing Social Media in the Workplace"
Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz in Cleveland
April 24th, 11:15am
Your customers are online and want to connect with real employees. Your employees are online and want to connect with customers. How do you empower your employees as brand ambassadors, but also protect them from the risks of social media?

In 2010, Dell launched a company-wide training and certification program to empower employees to deepen customer relationships online. To date, 7,000+ Dell employees are certified to speak on behalf of Dell via social media. Dell has...Read More
Liz Brown Bullock
Director of Social Media
April 23rd, 4:10pm
Social business isn't some hot new fad that will be over in an Internet minute. IBM executive Ed Brill shares lessons learned is social media role in various business functions – and how to collaborate. Whether you are a product or brand manager, marketer, customer satisfaction expert, strategist, HR executive, IT manager, or CFO, this session will help you understand how you -- and your organization -- can be more successful through becoming a social business.

In this session, you...Read More
Ed Brill
Director Product Management
IBM Social Solutions & Author of "Opting In"
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