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Measures, Metrics and Analytics Track

April 24th, 1:45pm
"Oh how I wish I could be a fly on the wall". Marketers have said this to themselves since the dawn of the industry. And while some smart people in underground laboratories worked on a grand scheme to mount tiny cameras to millions of flies around the world, our customers did something that threw us for a loop.

They began Facebook posting, Tweeting, LinkedIn messaging, and Pinning their every interest for the world to see. Too bad for the mad scientists.

For...Read More
Adriel Sanchez
Senior Director, Demand Generation

April 24th, 2:30pm
This session will cover content feedback and social data to understand the story behind the need and utility for Boeing’s digital content marketing campaign. Join Jim as he shares lessons learned when Boeing analyzed data across platforms to achieve internal buy-in and launch their latest campaign. Gone are the days of looking to external sources for content. The new social demands require development of an entirely new skill set. Now in its second year, learn how Boeing conducted...Read More
Jim Newcomb
Director of Brand Management & Advertising
The Boeing Company

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