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Speakers Learn from leading marketers here to share how they achieve success on social.

Ravi Prasad

Ravi Prasad

CMO and Head, Partnerships and M&A

Cassie Foery

Cassie Foery

Senior Marketing Manager

James Vetrano

James Vetrano

Social Media Manager

Gunjan Bhow

Gunjan Bhow

SVP and GM, Consumer/Digital/Mobile/e-Commerce

Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina

Strategic Director

Seona Skwara

Seona Skwara

Director Brand Digital, Media and Communications

Tom Buchheim

Tom Buchheim

Executive Social Media Advisor

Kristen Fraas

Kristen Fraas

Sr. Marketing Manager

  • “Empowering. Encouraging. Engaging. Love SMSS. Attend today! You won’t regret it.”

    - Katie Neuman,
    Northwestern Publishing House Christian Books & Gifts

  • “If you are looking to network with others in your industry who understand the challenges you and your company is facing and are working to find solutions too, then the SMSS is for you!”

    - Mary Baucom,

  • “Real-world ideas and inspiration from real-world marketers — this is one of my favorite social media conferences. I’ve attended for two consecutive years and have take home practices to implement both times. Great job!”

    - Jeff Hoffelt,
    Filament Marketing

  • “This isn’t just for social media professionals. This summit is amazing for the entire marketing, digital, and social team!”

    - Carly Yates,
    Warner Bros.

Transform your approach to social media at #SMSsummitHere are 9 reasons conference is the must-attend event of the year:

Meet a mix of experienced in-house practitioners and award-winning agencies to get a 360° view on what it takes to execute a successful, revenue-driving social media strategy.

Engage in interactive sessions with clear, actionable frameworks and takeaways.

Leverage practical, tangible strategies to differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace.

Meet other organizations with challenges just like yours — and learn how they are overcoming them.

Build your social presence through a strategic balance of organic and paid media optimization.

Learn best practices in quality content, storytelling and video production that inspire consumer action.

Stay in-the-know with the latest social media channel and consumer behavior trends.

Translate social data into insights to help you build a seamless customer experience across channels.

Generate fresh, winning campaign ideas by learning from case studies outside of your industry.

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