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We know you need to prove the ROI on your attendance,
so we’ve done that work for you.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from attending SMSS.

SMSS will help you
drive revenue for your company.

We cover the most pertinent topics linked to revenue generation including tying content to conversions, creating personalized ads that translate to sales, video marketing and ROI. We’ll help you optimize your social channels to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

No fluff. Leave with practical takeaways you can act on right away.

You won’t only hear about winning social campaigns and programs - you’ll hear the detailed methods and strategies that achieved results. SMSS is a focused gathering of senior level corporate marketers sharing real strategies that translate to ROI.

Presenting brands cover the latest trends and best practices - with step-by-step guides on how to assess the right investments for your business.

Our sessions deep-dive into key measurement strategies to help you evaluate the efficacy of your social media marketing and how to tie your initiatives back to your business goals.

You’ll get to meet (and chat with) the marketers behind the most successful brands.

Your voice won’t get lost in a crowd of thousands. We're here not just to listen to speakers, but share ideas and spark attendee-to-attendee discussions, too. 

Our interactive and intimate conference atmosphere gives you the opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered after each talk. Some of our summit’s best conversations are sparked during Q&A sessions.

Our speakers also make themselves available to you to provide resources and give feedback - during and after the conference.


We guarantee you’ll make meaningful connections.

Our focus on networking has helped forge new friendships and business relationships alike! You receive a full attendee list so you know exactly who’s in the room with you.

If there’s someone you’d like to meet, but can’t find, our staff is here to help make an introduction. (Click here to see brands attending.)

We make reporting back
to your team

We want you to spend your time at the event listening and engaging, not feverishly taking notes.

You’ll have exclusive access to all event videos and slides after the conference is over - to revisit slides you missed, and make it easy for you to share key insights with your team.

If you need to send this to your boss,
we’ve packaged in into a nice, presentable document for you.


Don’t take our word for it…
Check out our attendees' experiences since 2010.

  • “Great speakers who provide fun and insightful content.”

    - Kelsey Keys,
    Social Media Strategist at FireHouse

  • “Small group – focused; not a big, get-lost-in-the-attendees type of conference so speakers/presenters are approachable and sessions are geared toward your social media needs and questions.”

    - Amanda Booth,
    Program Coordinator at Texas A + M University – Undergraduate Studies

  • “I have learned so much today, more than I ever imagined. The networking and discussion of challenges was an invaluable addition to the conference.”

    - Robin Belskee,
    Manager IT PUO at Cardinal Healthcare Solutions.

  • “The workshops are worth the extra day away from the office!”

    - Katie Neuman,
    Community Engagement & Social Media Coordinator, Northwestern Publishing House Christian Books and Gifts

  • “I feel educated and empower to go back to my organizations and run a successful strategy-drive social media marketing campaign!”

    - Tristin Bates,
    Social Media & Blogging Specialist, John Hopkins Medicine

  • “Enjoyed the small pre-summit workshop size, made it easy to engage and learn, easy to connect with presenters.”

    - Nancy McKenzie,
    Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Hill’s Pet Nutrition

  • “A 'Must Attend' for every social and digital marketing professional.”

    - Rik Walters,
    SVP of Digital Strategy, Rebel Digital Group

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot.”

    - Jessica Currie,
    Digital Marketing Specialist at Pacific Gateway Hotel, Vancouver Airport

  • “Met people from all over the continent and all walks of life. Learned so much more than I expected. Great program.”

    - Patricia Shall,
    President, Creative Benefits & Insurance Solutions

  • “Your head will explode with all the ideas you’ll get while attending the summit.”

    - Katty Romero,
    Social Media Manager, Rich’s Products

  • “#worthit”

    - Carly Arbuckle,
    Assistant Brand Manager, Kernel Season’s

  • “Always great to get key learning and validations.”

    - Brenda Kulow- King,
    Social Media Analyst at Colony Brands

  • “It was interesting to note that we are in same boat in USA and in Finland, in big companies and in small companies. Useful and awesome!”

    - Soile Suvanto,,
    journalist, Yle

  • “Content was timely and relevant and cutting edge. The speakers kept us engaged and interested, fueling us with information to continue to build our brand on platforms.”

    - Karen Rossetti,
    Marketing Manager, Big Y Foods

  • “SMSsummit provides a large depth of social media strategies that is applicable for small to large scale brands at an easy to understand place.”

    - Cosmin Ghiurau,
    Director of Marketing, Radioshack

  • “Looking forward to attending next year too! Thanks for coming to Dallas!”

    - Minid Sue Sternblitz,
    Director of Marketing, Parks Associates

  • “If you attend one Social Media Conference this year, this should be it!”

    - Marya Sherwin,
    Media Analyst, iCrossing

  • “I had some great ‘Ah-Ha’ moments and was reassured about the direction our social media efforts are going. Thanks!”

    - M. Rignanesi,
    Education Coordinator, New Brunswick Securities Commission

  • “Having just launched my social media efforts for two twitter handles, it was good to attend a conference where I was able to validate my plan and generate new ideas with subject matter experts”

    - Amy Fenning,
    Sr. Brand Marketing Mgr, Lexis Nexis

  • “SMSS was great! I have so many new tools to use in social media. I met lots of great people and speakers.”

    - Aven Davis,
    Communication Coord. All Star Vacation Homes

  • “The whole summit has been a great experience. Experienced, knowledgeable speakers and made great contacts.”

    - Chelsea Murfitt,
    Marketing Coordinator Bellavance Beverage Co.

  • “Speakers all had great energy and enthusiasm.”

    - Andrea Robbins,
    Public Programs Manager, CU Boulder

  • “With this being my first Social Media Strategies Summit, I was thoroughly impressed with the material and wide variety of experts speaking on these subjects.”

    - Sean Nelson,
    Marketing Associate, CBT Nuggets

  • “I learned a lot about best practices and trends. It was a great opportunity to meet and network with other social media professionals, as well.”

    - Adrienne Albregts,
    Social Media Manager, Compass Learning

  • “This summit provided a host of engaging, knowledgeable presenters who provided keen insight and firsthand information on their respective topics.”

    - Dustin Perry,
    US Army Garrison, Japan Public Affairs

  • “Highly recommended conference! Great people, great speakers.”

    - Jessica,
    Internet Marketing Specialist, Metro Electronic Cigarette

  • “A great opportunity to learn new skills, and connect with a variety of professionals involved in social media.”

    - Tiffany Harrison,
    Outreach Manager, Go Abroad

  • “It is so exciting to be surrounded by so many great minds innovating and molding the social space as we know it. “I’m looking forward to going back and sharing some great new learning with my team!”

    - Allison Lewis,
    Marketing, Digitas

  • “Very informative conference for those looking to engage in social media.”

    - George Jones,
    Social Media Manager, Buick

  • “Feels great to refocus, dial-in to the latest industry trends, and meet like-minded professionals.”

    - Jessica Thornton,
    Social Operations Manager, The Denver Post

  • “Great summit - full of wonderful tips and a variety of topics.”

    - Covey Baker,
    Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Starz

  • “I learned so much! Excellent!”

    - Megan Michelakos,
    Sr. Marketing Specialist CCA Global Partners

  • “Intelligent, connected people educating others in the social realm. Awesome event.”

    - Linley Bruess,
    Social Media Strategist, Happy Medium

  • “A well-rounded group of leader in social media came together to deliver excellent content that I can bring back and implement at my company.”

    - Sara O’Donnell,
    Marketing Coordinator, APiNSG

  • “I usually get a little worn out during events like this, but I felt energized and actively engaged the entire time. Great event!”

    - Eric Wheeler,
    AAE/Social Media Specialist, Kohnstamm Communications

  • “The Social Media Strategies Summit not only provided great information for me to use in my position at Del Monte Agency, but it has also given me the opportunity to network and meet other professionals in my area and across the nation!”

    - Kim Maxon,
    Social Media Strategist, Del Monte Agency

  • “I walked away with great insights, strategies to implement immediately and a little black cook of great minds to keep in touch with.”

    - Melissa Zierden,
    AAE, Kohnstamm

  • “Great speakers all day. Expert knowledge.”

    - Donna Doleman,
    Ann Arbor Spark

  • “I learned more about social media today than I've ever learned using the actual sites half of my life.”

    - Kate Kasbee,
    Digital Marketing Analyst, DevBridge Inc.

  • “Very Informative & time well spent.”

    - Karen Kendzierski,
    ecommerce Specialist Marketing, Animal Health International

  • “This has been a great experience and opportunity to learn innovative ideas.”

    - Sandra Wong,
    Social Advertising Manager, Bigpoint Inc.

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