Day One: Workshops - Tuesday August 27th, 2013

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Pre-Summit Workshop Registration & Breakfast
Workshop A:
In this session, attendees will learn how to build and implement a social strategy from the beginning, by identifying goals and prioritizing based on resources, budget, and other contributing factors.

Through this workshop, Elly Deutch will share here suite of social media tools that can turn into a dynamically integrated social marketing program.

Through this session, attendees will learn how to:
  • Leverage all available marketing material to begin a social media marketing plan
  • Develop a social media strategy and policy to enable the program to grow and thrive
  • Identify the right social marketing and analytical tools available to execute a successful social marketing plan
  • Collaborate with partner organizations to highlight synergies and connect with key audiences
  • Identify opportunities to add a social layer to the website to increase audience engagement
  • Co-Founder/Chief Digital Strategist

    Workshop B:
    It is true that content is king and all good companies need good content to support their social media and marketing intiatives.

    In this session, attendees will learn:
  • The basics of a content strategy
  • How to determine the best content that is appropriate for your company
  • Ways to generate and curate content
  • Best practices for promoting content
  • President
    True Voice Media

    Morning Break & Refreshments
    Workshop C:
    How to Incorporate SEO Strategies Into Social Media Efforts
    Considering that content is important and creating the “right” content through social media efforts can make or break a strategy, social media content considerations need to include an element of SEO to really get the best results.

    In this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • How to identify keywords and terms and the best tools to use
  • How to create content with consideration to SEO
  • How to NOT make the search engines mad
  • How to gain traction in Google search using those key terms
  • President and CEO

    Workshop D:
    Chaos is the new norm. Consumers have so much competing for their attention; it’s an ongoing challenge to stay top of mind instead of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Want good news? There IS an innovative way to get noticed above the noise.

    It’s called The SPIKE – and It’s based on the premise that none of us have the bandwidth to be top of mind – all the time. As leaders and CEO's, we’ve got to TRIAGE our resources to maximize our organization’s visibility, “virability,” and profitability. You do that - by getting ahead of the SPIKES – and staying on top of the SPIKES.

    And your success depends on your ability to:

  • Track positive spikes relevant to your organization and capitalize on them as they occur
  • Forecast negative spikes so you can mitigate or minimize them in advance
  • Create opportunity spikes by leveraging fortuitous variables to your advantage

    You’ll love this session in which marketing expert/crisis communications specialist Adele Cehrs shares real-world cautionary tales and success stories that dramatically demonstrate the bottom-line consequences – good and bad – of ignoring the spikes or acting on them.

    More importantly, you’ll discover how to pro-actively manage the SPIKES that impact your organization – so you can turn them to your advantage.
  • President
    Epic PR Group

    Workshop Attendee Luncheon & General Conference Registration
    Introduction by Summit Chair, Jen Cohen Crompton
    The digital revolution introduced a new class of consumers who place increasing emphasis on technology as a part of their daily routines, and who are more connected than ever before. Unlike generations of the past, “Generation C” is not a demographic; it’s a mindset.

    Gen C-ers embrace a digital lifestyle: they’re tech-savvy multi-taskers who are largely immune to traditional marketing tactics. They don’t care if your brand is better, faster, cheaper or stronger; they want you to show how you care about them and understand why they use your brand.

    Join Wildfire for an in-depth discussion on connected consumers and how to use social media to engage them.

    Key takeaways:

  • Ditch the pitch: connected consumers don’t want you to tell them how great your brand is. * Build a social strategy that shows connected consumers that your brand is listening to their needs, wants, expectations and preferences.
  • Execute your strategy with an orchestrated approach to reach Gen-C-ers on multiple screens and multiple social networks.
  • Chief Evangelist and Social Media Manager
    Wildfire, a division of Google

    Track B:
    Business to Business
    Research shows that 60% of B2B Marketers are planning to spend more on content marketing in the next 12 months. While many are diversifying the types of content they are producing, how can they ensure that content will actually help the buyer? In this brief session I'll give a primer on content marketing to match the customer buying journey and help the customer buy.
    Director of Marketing

    Track B:
    Business to Business
    Once a company buys into the fact that they need to use social media (it is 2013!), they step into the next phase and ask the infamous question of “where should we be?” The answer to this question is key and will differ from company to company based on audience and goals. By understanding which key characteristics will support and complement outlets, resources can be allocated to launching, managing, and tracking those outlets effectively
    Senior Social Media Specialist

    While building and engaging a fan base is undeniably important, CMOs are now looking for tangible proof that measurable commerce and long-term brand value can be achieved from social marketing. It's also high time for social marketers to break out of their self-imposed silos and prove the true value they can deliver to the wider marketing department. But, this can only be achieved by activating rather than engaging your social community.

    Join Rich Gascoyne, President of EngageSciences as he outlines the strategies that successful social brands are implementing to move beyond "vanilla" fan engagement to achieve true advocacy and long-term loyalty.

    In this session you will learn:
  • How to profile and segment a fan database to identify and target individual advocates, referrers and dormant fans across social networks and other marketing channels.
  • How truly social brands are curating advocacy content from across the web to socialize their websites
  • How to develop social commerce programs that financially reward fans for recruiting their friends
  • How to create long-term loyalty programs that work across multiple apps and multiple devices
  • President, North America

    Closing Keynote: Building Engaging and Interactive Social Media Content
    Social Media Managing Editor
    Neiman Marcus

    Summit Adjourns to Networking Reception

    Day Two: General Summit - Wednesday August 28th, 2013

    Registration and Continental Breakfast
    Introduction by Summit Chair, Jen Cohen Crompton
    For brands to deal with the always-on, two-way nature of today's media environment, the marketing function has to be able to operate in real-time. The brand newsroom model has proven to be an extremely effective operational approach to leveraging real-time opportunity across all of a brand's owned media channels. How can brands reorganize their marketing function to work like a brand newsroom? This session has all the answers.

    In this session you will learn:
  • How to think about and organize your marketing function around owned, earned and paid media
  • Three key shifts in enterprise marketing strategy, dictated by today's media environment
  • Eight key strategic considerations for developing a real-time marketing strategy
  • The four key functions of a brand newsroom
  • The five critical steps in creating real time content
  • CEO

    Southwest Airlines has created a noticeable impact in the social media space by making the initiative a priority. SWA created a tone and voice that complements the attitude of the company and recognizes our fliers as the key to our success. Listen to Linda Rutherford as she outlines the Southwest Airlines flight into social and how using the social space and other emerging media outlets has helped to differentiate their airline from the competition.
    Vice President Communication and Strategic Outreach
    Southwest Airlines

    Morning Break & Refreshments
    Track B:
    Business to Business
    Inviting and encouraging employees to use social media can be a slippery slope for businesses if they don’t think about doing it the right way. Companies often balk at enabling and empowering employees to get social, but if done correctly, employees can become the most effective brand advocates. Listen to Marcus Nelson of Addvocate as he explains the best practices and ways to enable employees to get social.
    Track B:
    Business to Business
    Building a community of advocates and those who are interested in helping the mission of the company is key. To build this type of community, it takes branding, promotion, and understanding the motivations behind the actions (and therefore, knowing what will drive those actions). Join Nicole Yelland as she explains how she built a community who helped promote one the biggest social media-driven events.
    Director of Marketing & Communications
    Livio Radio

    Networking Luncheon
    10 for 7: Engage Sciences OfferPop
    Track A:
    Business to Consumer
    Do you want your audience to do something? Do you want them to interact, provide feedback, or just engage?

    There are 10 key ways that can stimulate your audience and encourage them to engage with your brand via any of the social media outlets your company may be using. Attend this session to find out!
    Founder and CEO

    Track B:
    Business to Business
    Understanding data and analytics is a key differentiator in having a social media strategy and an effective social media strategy. The data can be synthesized to create the “story” and provide the success (or sometimes unsuccessful) metrics marketers need to know. Attend this session to be understand how important data and analytics are when planning and implementing social strategies.
    Senior Digital Strategist
    Weber Shandwick

    Track A:
    Business to Consumer
    Let’s be honest. Most brands -- even famous ones -- are boring as hell on social media. Why do most brands miss the mark at creating engaging content on facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Quite simply, there is an incredible lack of humanity and “down-to-earthness” of brand voice in social media.

    This session will explore the art of creating a brand voice that is personal, interactive, and truly social. From Applebee’s to Kanye West, we’ll explore how some brands get it right and some get made fun of.

    We’ll discover the purpose of brands in social media, how to corral and take advantage of user content, and the process of creating a social media voice that will take a brand into the next generation of interactive marketing.

    Track B:
    Business to Business
    Leads generated via inbound marketing strategies cost 61% less than a traditional lead. Social media -- more than ever -- is a critical tool in that inbound lead generation process. This session will provide actionable tips for marketers to better use the most critical and current social tools to increase lead flow. Attendees will walk away knowing how to:
  • Create a social plan that increases leads by using valu marketing
  • Take advantage of the most recent Facebook advancements to grow social reach
  • Utilize social media to influence search rankings
  • Use social ads to improve leads via content promotion
  • President
    True Voice Media

    Track A:
    Business to Consumer
    It’s a true bromance, the relationship between search and social and how they can be used as key factors to drive a content strategy. Listen to Travis Wright as his engaging (and sometimes hilarious) presentation shows that bromance and provides actionable strategies for improving content.
    Global Social Media Awesomeizer

    Track B:
    Business to Business
    What is a social business and how do you advocate for internal buy-in and convince your teams and executives? It's all about understanding the implications and showing a sustainable approach with relevant results. Learn to tie your social business initiatives to business goals, and the key elements of the approach you'll need to show that social business isn't just something you do in a business, but something your business becomes.
    Social Media Center of Excellence Lead

    Afternoon Break & Refreshments
    Reputation management has now become a defining feature for many companies, both online and offline. Join Umang Shah, Director of Social Strategy at Walmart will share how Walmart has built better social media strategies with reputation management top of mind. Attendees will learn how Umang utilized a more analytical and data-driven approach to build smarter strategies.

    Attendees will learn:
  • How to utilize data to better inform social strategies
  • How to assemble the right team to execute a Social Strategy
  • How to make quick pivots in execution based on results
  • The value of well laid out dashboards for both reporting and to drive behavior
  • Director of Social Strategy
    Walmart Stores Inc.

    Panelists will discuss what they see as emerging trends and the future of social and digital media.
    Digital Leader
    Frito Lay

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Definition 6

    Director of Social Media

    Summit Concludes

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