Day One: General Summit - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8:00am Registration and Breakfast
Welcome and Introduction by the CEO of GSMI - Byron Mignanelli

Opening Keynote: Digital Kaizen
Digital Kaizen Strategies are key to the continuous improvement of brand and audience relationships.

Through a series of educational and entertaining examples Dennis Wakabayashi shows how to understand and engage your audiences, in relevant, and sometimes serendipitous ways. We'll see the journey of a few major brands and programs that use this process and are winning.

Because when you embrace a "style of organic improvement" then digital marketing becomes a path, instead of a destiny.

Dennis Wakabayashi
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Boston Market
Using Social Technologies to Reward Brand Loyalty
Opportunities abound for integrating conventional loyalty programs with social and mobile applications. Learn the elements required for a successful implementation that transcend the ever-changing social landscape. Discover lessons learned and how Tasti D-Lite is enabling customers to share their loyalty activity online and receive tangible benefits through their social-friendly POS application.

BJ Emerson
Vice President of Technology
Tasti D-Lite LLC
Refreshments and Networking

  Track A: Business to Business Track B: Business to Consumer
LinkedIn Best Practices for B2B Marketers
Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Rockstars, are two of Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers globally. In this session, they will share with you specific strategies and best practices you can implement immediately. They will also show you how to gain collaboration from other key decision makers at your company to super charge your social strategies, helping you gain market share in your industry while keeping expenses in check.

Key take-aways include:

  • What NOT to do on LinkedIn: Keep your credibility and your account
  • Company Pages: How to maximize your brand with multi-variant messaging
  • Aligning your message: How to help your staff help the company look great
  • Expanding Market Share: Use LinkedIn for Sales, Recruiting, Brand Leadership

  • Lori Ruff
    Chief Social Officer, The LinkedIn Diva
    Integrated Alliances
    Quest for Success: Legal Issues in Using Social Media to Promote Harry Potter
    This presentation will be a case study of the legal and marketing issues raised (and successfully resolved) in creating a social media strategy for the video release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

    Dana Lira
    Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs and Associate General Counsel
    Warner Home Video
    Integrated Social Media: Fueling Offline Business Results
    This session covers why and how social media matters for B2B. It focuses on choosing where to engage on social to reach your target market, social media measurement including a discussion of social software (free and paid), determining key performance indicators and how to show ROI.

  • Using Google Analytics multi-attribution modeling to show the effect social media has on the entire sales funnel
  • Determining what your key performance indicators should be (don’t drown in data, only report what matters)
  • The social measurement software landscape (what tools do you really need)

  • Jamie Duklas
    Video Go Go
    Social Media as Content Kingmaker
    Think of social media as a gateway instead of a destination: the beautiful lobby that takes you to the hotel room; an inviting home entry way that leads to the kitchen or dining room. Content and social media can co-exist, mutually thrive and be friends. But how do you keep these two bastions of power from competing and becoming frenemies in your company?

    Glenn Selig
    Sponsored by:

    USA Swimming "AquaZone" Drove Social Media Engagement and ROI For All of Their Sponsors

    Stephen Person
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    FISH Technologies
    Using Social Media Strategies to Drive Mobile Sales
    Similar to e-commerce, shopping had become a social experience where shoppers rely on their network’s involvement before, during, and after a purchase. With mobile websites, social media is just as important since the the purchase is often quicker and sometimes more of an impulse. Therefore, the role of the network can be even more important.

    This topic will discuss how to use social networks to drive awareness of and traffic to mobile shopping websites. Then, once shoppers have arrived at your mobile store, what are the social tools that can help increase conversions? We will discuss how retailers can incorporate the following into their mobile websites: ratings and reviews, social media log-ins, posting to social media networks, sharing of SMS deal sign-up forms and the alerts themselves, and even more cutting-edge ideas like live-sharing of the actual shopping cart.

    Ken Barber
    VP of Marketing
    Build the Right Fan Base for a B2B Brand
    In this session we will review a case study of a B2B company trying to build its online communities. We will identify channels, select audience and define larger ecosystem, determine the right channel specific communication strategies and learn how to curate relevant content and set up engagement processes with the target audience.

    Tatyana Kanzaveli
    President and Social Media Strategist
    Padron Social Media Marketing
    The ROI of Social Marketing
    The ROI of Social Marketing has been a hot topic over the past few years, with marketers trying to understand the real value it’s driving (or not driving) for brands. Brands have made significant investments in building social marketing presences and amassing social followers, but still have yet to understand the real value behind these social marketing initiatives. Until recently, the only available metrics were around engagement – number of likes, follow, +1s, etc., which left marketers struggling with the true ROI of social marketing investments. As we move into the next phase of social media marketing, what’s top of mind for every marketer is how to drive measurable results from their social marketing investments.

    In this session, you will learn how to launch Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) social marketing programs that enable brands to identify advocates, cultivate sharing, and convert friends into new customers to drive measurable results. Extole’s VP of Marketing, Angela Bandlow will share some real life case studies brands that are driving true ROI from their social media investments via C2C programs.

    Angela Bandlow
    VP of Marketing
    Global Brand Disasters: A Love Story
    Have you been the victim of attacks from customers and rivals via social media sites? Has your marketing team put out a campaign that was a brand image nightmare? Have you ever damaged your brand name abroad due to lack of cultural understanding? You are not alone – the vast majority of companies have made these same missteps and do not have a strategy in place to rectify them.
    As the experts in legal and technical risk management solutions and marketing strategists in their own right, Gary and Kubs will guide you through a wide variety of brand management successes and failures. Their unique (and entertaining) spin on risk management will highlight weakness in social media campaigns and examples of how reputation management can be done right!

    This session will use a variety of global case studies, with a focus in Latin American markets, to illustrate reputational risks and success strategies. Participants will be guided through:

  • Illustrations of how global brands have targeted segments
  • Mistakes global brands have made to their reputation through social media
  • Legal and technical developments that should guide reputation risk management
  • How successful companies have recovered from social media attacks
  • How to implement sounds decision making capabilities to avoid negative customer perception

  • This session is geared towards global brand marketing managers.

    Kubs Lalchandani
    Managing Partner
    Lalchandani Simon PL
    The Brand Advocate Factor
    What sets a wildly successful social marketing strategy apart from the rest of the pack? Wildfire analyzed 10,000 social campaigns looking for the answer. The distinguishing factor? Brand advocates.

    Best-in-class social brands have fans who advertise for them. These advocates drive word of mouth to generate 2x the reach, 3x the engagement, and 10x the fan growth of other brands. Join Wildfire’s Industry Strategist, Amanda Andriesz, as she draws on Wildfire’s experience powering over 250,000 campaigns to share best practices for finding and nurturing those super sharers that drive your word of mouth marketing.

    Amanda Andriesz
    Industry Strategist
    3:15pm Afternoon Break
    The Power of a Social Business to 3 Reasons Your Best Social Media Team is Your Current Workforce
    When it comes to your social strategy, it’s no longer optional to have a presence, but having a presence is just the beginning. Now, we have a new buzzword to go with this. Social Business. What is a “social business” and is your business “social?”

    What Attendees Will Learn:

  • What exactly a social business is.
  • Why being on Facebook and Twitter isn’t enough and what to do instead.
  • Why now is the time to make your business more social.
  • Who, at your company, is responsible for social.
  • What companies are getting this right.
  • How social increases brand loyalty.
  • 10 overlooked touch points that will make your business more social.

  • Katrina Padron
    President and Social Media Strategist
    Padron Social Media Marketing
    Tapping Into Pinterest: The Time is Now
    Pinterest has been shown to drive higher quality traffic (more likely to convert, will purchase more when they do convert) and deeper engagement per user than facebook and twitter. Yet, as the web is all atwitter about facebook, Pinterest has remained largely untapped by brand marketers. That means you have an opportunity to gain early mover advantage by leaning into Pinterest now. This workshop will help you do just that!

    PinLeague, the leading Pinterest Marketing Network, will help you get set-up for success on Pinterest through hands-on exercises drawing from your real-world challenges and experience. Topics covered will include:

    (1) Setting up an effective profile (or improving an existing one)

    (2) Jump starting your growth by tapping into your existing fan base

    (3) Content strategies for different marketing objectives

    (4) Building the RIGHT community for your brand's objectives

    (5) Helpful Pinterest tools to create manageable work flow

    (6) Advanced Pinterest tips and tricks

    Appropriate for: Any brand looking to engage with the Pinterest community, from newbies to Pinterest veterans.


    (1) Start a Pinterest account for your brand with at least 5 pinboards populated. Need an invitation? E-mail

    (2) Follow PinLeague on Pinterest to access course materials:

    (3) Activate your FREE 30-day trial of PinLeague to start building your audience

    (4) E-mail a link to your Pinterest profile and a brief blurb about what you're hoping to get out of Pinterest.

    (5) Bring a wi-fi enabled computer to the session.

    Daniel Maloney
    CEO and Co-Founder
    Policies, Guidelines, or Training? How to Safely Engage Your Workforce in Digital Branding
    How do you take a brand message—something that’s been developed, optimized, and controlled by a corporate marketing team—and turn it into something that employees can communicate via their social media networks? How do you do this and keep everyone faithful to the core message? How do you turn all this social activity into sales growth, recruiting efficiency, and marketing effectiveness?

    The answer is Workforce Marketing. It’s a 4-step process for bringing your company’s and your employees’ social activities into alignment. And, it’s your ticket to social media nirvana.

    Jason Seiden
    Ajax Social Media
    Networking and Reception

    Day Two: General Summit - Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    8:00am Registration and Breakfast
    Welcome and Introduction by the President of GSMI - Luke Vinci

    Luke Vinci
    Future Talk: What happens when your entire company becomes social?
    Every company wants to be more social - and spending lots of dollars to do so. Unfortunately they are underutilizing the most important and influential tool they already have -- a ton of enthusiastic employees. If a company is truly going to be effective with social, cultural & organizational changes will be necessary. Let’s talk about ways to empower and activate your workforce.

    Marcus Nelson
    Chief Advocate
    Sports and Social Media: What You Can Learn From the Competition, Cutting-edge Content and Controversies Where These Two Worlds Collide

    Ronnie Ramos
    Managing Director for Digital Communications
    Morning Break, Refreshments

    Sports Authority Case Study

    Shelley Scipione
    Digital Marketing Director
    Sports Authority
    The Social Media Nation: Why You’re In It - For Good
    Thanks to the “social smoosh,” with social platforms becoming ever more tightly integrated into every area of our lives - from purchasing to family photos and everything in between - living outside of social media is a bit like living without electricity: You can do it if you really want to and are willing to change your life dramatically, but that life will be more isolating, frustrating, and boring. Marcy Massura, Weber Shandwick digital strategist and community manager for some of the world’s most iconic brands, will explain why opting out of the social space is increasingly no option at all - and what that means for your business.

    Marcy Massura
    Digital Community Manager
    Weber Shandwick
    Lunch *Please note lunch is for workshop attendees only
    Sponsored by:

    Workshops Begin
    *Please note workshops must be registered for individually

    Facebook Advertising… Maintaining and Optimizing Engagement
    Social Media Advertising used to be about getting your ‘fans’ to your page. This is still one of the most useful tools in achieving fan growth. However, if you’re only using ads to initially target those who may be interested in your brand, you’re missing the bigger picture. Some of the best known, most highly trafficked, brands in the world are using digital advertising to not only make that first introduction, but to continue to foster greater relationships that will drive traffic and result in trackable ROI.

    Attendees of Facebook Advertising…Maintaining and Optimizing Engagement will be armed with tools to determine the appropriate channels to use, tactics for social advertising, strategies for engaging brand advocates and practical ways to build a trusted brand through internalized advertising campaigns. This workshop will give brands the potential to break out of their social media comfort zone to create a more engaging way of turning fans into customers.

    You will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of:

  • The values of Facebook advertising
  • When to use ads to achieve campaign goals
  • How to optimize Facebook landing tabs to convert visitors
  • The most successful campaign strategy based on business type
  • How to best engage with those who “Like” your brand
  • How to use Facebook analytics to your advantage
  • Top Do’s and Don’ts for Facebook advertising

  • Terra Spero
    Realtime Marketing Group
    Drive Results: Using Social Media to Sell

    Katrina Padron
    President and Social Media Strategist
    Padron Social Media Marketing
    How to Create, Deliver Engaging Content via Social Media
    You're tweeting, friending and pinning. But now it's time to pull it all together with content; content that engages and content that enables you to control your message and leverage the power of social media and the search engines.

    Bring your laptops, iPads or similar device. This workshop is VERY hands-on and interactive.

    In this session you will:

  • Create content that reaches your target audience in search engines and social media;
  • Leverage social media and search engines to control your message;
  • Use key words and search terms to target your audience with laser precision;

  • DISCLAIMER: Only attend if you're ready to work and want to learn how to make content work for you.

    Glenn Selig