Day One: Workshops
Tuesday - 6 November, 2012

8:00am Registration and Breakfast
  Workshop A Workshop B

Workshop B - Using Social Media to Create Meaningful Engagements
We are living in a world where social is more prevalent than ever -“95% of CEO’s say their priority over the next 3-5 years is to get closer to the customer” - social being the main driver for this customer focus. Yet only 14% of customers today trust what is coming from a company, with more than 90%, trusting peer recommendations instead. Social brings complexities – who do I engage & how? How do I manage & scale? How do I manage the impact? Discover how brands are using next generation customer communities as a way to create meaningful engagement. The workshop will deliver practical examples of companies using social technology to create meaningful engagements while delivering ROI to the business.

Sean Greenan
Lead Solutions Consultant - EMEA
Lithium Technologies
12:00 Morning Workshops A and B Conclude - Lunch (For Attendees of Both Morning & Afternoon Workshops)
  Workshop C Workshop D
Workshop C- How to Use Metrics and Measurements to Maximize Engagement
How do I measure my social media strategy?

Strategies are great – but without concrete measures, how do you justify the value add to your business or organization? In this session, Jennifer will reviewed many different metrics and measures that can be used for the different components of a social media strategy. Different components of a social media strategy can be account management, online communities, editorial tone, customer loyalty, engagement and customer service. She will also review how many metrics overlap with different function in a business such as PR, customer service and marketing. As it’s a working session to discuss options, participants are asked to come with at least one or two metrics that they use to currently measure success to share best practices and to play the “Metrics Bingo” game.

Jennifer Bilec-Sullivan
Head of Global Community Marketing
element14, (Premier Farnell)
Workshop D- Creating and Maintaining an Optimized and Personalized Facebook Presence
This workshop will focus on how to turn Facebook 'likes' into quality leads. This isn't a 'beginners guide' to Facebook or setting up a Facebook Page - it looks at specific set up and implementation strategies that generate buzz and convert - which is why we use Facebook in the first place (but so many businesses get wrong). The presentation consists of:
  • Intro (why use Facebook for business and it's unique culture)
  • The 3 part formula for turning Facebook fans into leads and getting them into your sales funnel
  • Facebook Timeline features that bring bigger, better results„
  • The power of using images. How to engage, delight, grab the attention of fans – and go viral
  • The Facebook ‘likes to leads’ superpower that converts quality leads for your business
  • Learning objectives include:
  • Why you should have a Facebook Page
  • The 3 part formula for converting leads into your sales funnel
  • How to use the most effective Facebook Timeline features to grow an engaged community
  • How to bring your Facebook fans into their sales funnel making their investment in Facebook pay in leads, customers & business opportunities
  • Actions needed to apply the 3 part formula

  • Alicia Cowan
    Consultant and Trainer
    16:00 Workshops Adjourn

    Day Two: General Summit
    Wednesday - 7 November, 2012

    8:00 Registration and Breakfast
    Welcome and Introduction by Conference Producer

    Making Social Work Across More Than 300 Hotels in More Than 20 Different Countries
    At DoubleTree by Hilton we provide the special comforts and acts of kindness that make the traveler feel human again.

    One of the elements we have included in our efforts to make both our guests and team members feel human again is to utilize social media. We have instituted social media education as the primary focus for DoubleTree by Hilton’s social strategy. We do this by growing an engaged community, continuing education, recognizing employees, providing CARE, as well as engaging promotions that can also help us in driving revenue.

    The formula for our success of making social work across more than 300 hotels globally has been a blend of listening, dialogue, advocacy, support and innovation within the social space.

    Key Takeaways:

  • Shared learnings & best practices
  • Case study showing how we bring our internal culture and mission consumer facing
  • Education and communication as key drivers of our success
  • How we innovate at the property level

  • Diana Plazas
    Director, Doubletree Online Marketing
    From Bureaucrats to Bandwidth, a Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of a United Nations Social Media Strategy
    Lights, camera, action! There’s nothing if not drama with social media so take your seat & we’ll take you backstage. In this interactive, practical workshop we’ll set the stage by explaining the UN’s Global Housing Strategy (GHS 2025) & take you backstage where we’ll highlight key elements to consider before you start a social media strategy. Then it’s lights (we’ll shine the spotlight on key elements to consider while your social media strategy is being designed), camera (key tools for social media research, outreach & training), action (how to put it all together for implementation). We’ll tell you what’s worked & what hasn’t & give you the tools to create your own customized social media strategy. We’ll also let you know how you can become involved should you wish.

    You’ll come away with:

  • your backstage pass – 5 key elements to consider when beginning to design a social media strategy
  • under the spotlight – 5 elements to use in building a social media strategy
  • camera – a plethora of free, easy, practical tools for SEO, search, research, education & outreach
  • action – a practical, step by step plan for how to put it all together
  • a resource kit to create your own customized social media strategy

  • Mohamed El SIOUFI
    Coordinator, Global Housing Strategy
    Lee-Anne Ragan
    Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc.
    10:50 Break and Refreshments
    Social Shopping Online
    The way we shop is changing. Recent research from LivingSocial illustrates how social media is growing evermore influential in the way we search, shop and share information. For example 92% of us get a rush from landing an online bargain. Peter Briffett shares highlights from the research, covering,

    1. The changing psychology of the online shopper

    2. The power and potential of social commerce

    3. Tips & Tricks - benefits for your business

    Philip Briffett
    Director of National Brands
    12:00 Lunch
      Track A: A Framework for Branding Track B: Crafting Social Media Conversations
    Looking behind the curtain of social data to create customers for life
    Customers have a more powerful and influential voice than any other time in history, and that’s shaping brand perceptions. Companies are looking to social media marketing and engagement tools to reach the customers where they are online. But are you really analyzing and tracking what's being said so you can turn these conversations into a focused and valuable two-way conversation and add value for your brand? The idea of tracking millions of conversations can be daunting. However, dealing with and analyzing social web big data is pivotal to measure the health of your brand at a glance. Only through social measurement can you gain valuable social insights to capture industry trends, find out what content gets the most attention online, work out who your brand advocates are or who is the biggest threat to your brand reputation. We’ll give you an introduction into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and show you how it can help your company gain social insights and use this knowledge to effectively execute a social marketing strategy that will drive sales and create customers for life.

    Bullet point key takeaways
  • You'll learn that dealing with and analyzing big data should be an essential part of your social media strategy and is easier than it sounds
  • After attending, you'll understand how by tracking and measuring social conversations, you can see at a glancewhether your brand is in good social health
  • Attend this presentation if your brand has been actively engaged in social media for a while now, but you're looking to delve deeper into your brand conversations

  • Madlen Nicolaus
    Senior Marketing & Community Manager
    Salesforce Radian 6
    Owning the Social Customer Experience
    We are living in a world where social is more prevalent than ever -“95% of CEO’s say their priority over the next 3-5 years is to get closer to the customer” - social being the main driver for this customer focus. As companies begin to dawn to customer experience as the next battleground in the social world, social media presents both challenges and opportunities. Understand the trends driving the increased focus on customer experience and the growing importance to own the social experience. Attend this session to hear how companies are taking innovative approaches to social customer experience, and the resulting ROI benefits.

    Prelini Udayan-Chiechi
    Director of EMEA Marketing
    Lithium Technologies
    Organisational Change and Enterprise Structure Behind Social Media
    Here Simon looks at the journey and challenges of integrating social media into the Enterprise. With social media establishing itself as more than just a novelty, we explore how the management of social media can mature and integrate into core business processes.

    The presentation aims to strip back the technical complexities and industry jargon, and bring accessibility to the 'social media' issue to all parts of the organisation. Learn about the foundation Honda is putting in place to become a social enterprise.

    This is important for anyone involved in championing social media within their organisation, after attending you should have transferable insights into how you can adapt your organisation to manage social media.

    Simon Nicholson
    Pan-European Social Media Manager
    Honda Motor Europe
    Communities, Social media and Commerce: #Raspberrypi
    At launch, #Raspberrypi trended higher than #ladygaga. The decision to carry the #Raspberrypi credit card sized computer came from listening to community members talk about upcoming new technologies. This session will talk about how element14 listened to its Community, managed the unexpected tidal wide of social media activity during launch and continues to listen to their customers to develop its Social eCommerce strategy.

    Jennifer Bilec-Sullivan
    Head of Global Community Marketing
    element14, (Premier Farnell)
    Getting to the filthy mouths: How social is your strategy?
    As with any social community there are different environments, audiences, and purposes that define the levels of engagement within them. As companies realize the value of social media for their brands and bottom lines, they also realize the importance of bringing genuine value to a community. A large part of this value is understanding how deeply social their brand and conversation strategies really are. In this session we explore the different levels of social engagement and discuss the ins and outs of maintaining professional standards in an environment that is defined as social. We will discuss perceptions of socially active businesses, social business personalities, and the emergence of "adversations" versus conversations and their impact on brand reputation and social business evaluation.

    Rhonda Marable
    Director of Communications
    Email and Social Media: The New Rules of Engagement
    The debate between email and social media has been overplayed; it’s clear that in this new media economy both channels are a critical component to an effective marketing mix. In fact, email and social are more similar than they are different. Innovative marketers now understand that the two channels work best when combined into an integrated marketing strategy.

    During this session, attendees will be presented with both theory and real-world case studies that highlight how email and social media work hand-in-hand to grow business and how innovative small businesses are leveraging both channels to drive quality engagement and create positive word of mouth. Attendees will learn practical tips on how to use these tools to grow their businesses.

    Tamsin Fox-Davies
    Senior Development Manager UK & Territories
    Constant Contact
    15:30 Break and Refreshments
    Social Media & Legal, Making it Work

    Yasmin Joomraty
    Counsel, EMEA Business & Legal Affairs
    Warner Home Video & Warner Bros. Digital Distribution
    Integrating Social Media into the Customer Journey
    Join Wildfire for a discussion on social media's impact on the customer lifecycle. We’ll share our assessment of the traditional customer lifecycle, its limitations, and why brands must now consider a holistic marketing strategy that considers a new version of the lifecycle. Learn about social's reframing of the customer lifecycle, and how several brands are successfully navigating it.

    Ben Harknett
    Director of European Business Development
    Wildfire Interactive Inc
    Networking Reception Sponsored by:


    Day Three: General Summit
    Thursday, 8 November, 2012

    8:00 Registration and Breakfast
    Welcome and Introduction by Conference Producer

    The Colliding Worlds of Social and Organic Search
    Over the last 5 years as social media has grown it has also become much more intertwined with organic search. These days when you search on Google or Bing you most likely won't see the same search results as the person sitting next to you doing the exact same search due to the increasing impact of personalization based on your social network. This session will talk about how to understand the influences, and how you can grow, nurture and engage your audience to help drive your organic strategy.

    What you'll learn from this session, through discussion and case studies will include:

  • the latest changes from Bing and Google
  • tools to best get your data out to the search engines, and to more effectively link social accounts
  • some effective techniques for increasing engagement

  • Simon Heseltine
    Director, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    AOL Inc.
    Nissan – Creating the Social Organisation

    David Parkinson
    GM - Social & Digital Engagement, Africa, Middle East, India and Europe
    Nissan International SA
    10:30 Break and Refreshments
    The ROI of Social Media for Lead Gen.
    What is the ROI of social media marketing? Leads! Social media can be a powerful channel to attract website visitors and leads while building thought leadership for your company. Learn how to harness the power of social media -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites -- to get found by more prospects and generate sales leads for your business.

    In this session, HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe will explain how to incorporate social media into your overall marketing strategy, attract more website visitors from social media sites, leverage a social media community to share and promote your content, and convert social media visitors into leads and customers to achieve maximum return-on-investment from social media marketing.

  • By attending this session, you will learn how to get found by more prospects who are qualified to purchase your product.
  • You should attend if you are a marketer who wants to monetise your social media efforts.
  • You will learn how to create a strategic social media plan that will convert your leads into sales.

  • Mike Volpe
    Chief Marketing Officer
    HubSpot Inc.
    Vampires, Coke, Facebook and You…Create Content that Connects!
    So you’ve invested in social media to create a community of followers. People “like” you. Fans are following you. Now what? How do you leverage your social network to build loyalty, increase engagement, and build real equity in your brand? Jeremy Porter, Director of Unified Communications at OMMA/Mediapost’s Magazine’s Viral Agency of the Year, Definition 6, will talk to you about how to create content that connects with your audience.

    In this session you will learn:
  • What motivates people to share content?
  • Who are the best sharers?
  • How to involve your fans more in the story to create genuine emotional connections
  • How to create content that effectively resonates with the audience in context
  • How to measure the impact of your efforts with your community
  • How to dynamically integrate the Social Graph with your creative
  • See real examples from brands like HBO (True Blood), Coca-Cola (The Happiness Machine), and Facebook (Timeline Movie Maker)

  • Jeremy Porter
    Director, Unified Communications
    Definition 6
    12:30 Lunch
    Let Someone Else Innovate
    While some campaigns work brilliantly in social media and while marketing can drive success, this talk argues that taking basic principles, applying them well, iterating and testing will drive continual incremental improvement and stronger business growth in the long run.
  • How "disposable technology" drives business growth
  • How multivariate testing drives conversion
  • How understanding user journeys can drive intelligent use of resources
  • How analytics are your strongest weapon – if you cant track it, don't do it.

  • Martin Harrison
    Senior Planner
    Transforming Customers into Brand Evangelists
    Social media has revolutionized brand communication. Social platforms allow you to fully engage with your customers. But still more than 93% of retail sales and 90% of word of mouth referrals happen offline. So what do thousands of online fans and followers mean if they aren’t buying your product and not telling others why they do business with you? How can you integrate offline interactions with your online strategy for a well-rounded, effective communications plan and build a true social movement around your brand? Ja-Naé Duane shares the answers to these questions and demonstrates how to inspire excitement, engage the customers and transform them into your brand evangelists.

    Ja-Naé Duane
    VP of Digital Marketing and Strategy
    Revolution Factory
    Creative Leadership and Social Business: The Killer Formula for The New Work Order
    The way we work is changing. Social Business is at the center of radically transforming how we find talent, engage with customers, innovate our products and collaborate internally. Faced with new challenges such as rapid globalization, a multi-generational workforce and mass career customization, many see social business concepts and tools as the missing element to jump ahead of competitors. However, the killer formula for success in The New Work Order includes the rise of the creative leader. These leaders employ a type of leadership that allows ideas to flourish and teams to thrive. This shift is opening up many new questions including:
  • What are the elements of great creative leadership?
  • What do our organizations absolutely need to do to use creative leadership and social business well (and consistently see transformative results)?
  • What types of organization, culture and team models are most effective in this "New Work Order"?
  • What does success with social business look like in the long-term, especially with our ever changing and mobile workforce?
  • Award-winning marketer, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur Steve Fisher believes there is a holistic approach to answer all of the above. He’s convinced however any discussion of success in business is incomplete without including leadership values and an addiction to innovate 24/7. So relying on his passion for creative leadership principles, Steve will share why he wants everyone and anyone to know that innovative thinking is something everyone has within them.

    With a worldview toward creative leadership and innovation in full swing, you’ll learn an integrated, internal method for making social business transform your organization with an emphasis on:
  • Facilitating creative leadership and collaboration in your teams
  • Establishing results-driven strategies that work
  • Executing rapidly but productively as possible
  • Building wins with social business throughout your organization, over & over again

  • Steven Fisher
    Managing Director
    Conference Adjourn

    Speak at SMSS London

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