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Facebook Groups: Why They Matter Now More Than Ever

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Last year when Facebook upped the ante on Groups, many brands were left questioning how to manage the space, how to connect with followers and how to add Groups to their already abundant social plans. And when the world paused during the COVID-19 quarantine, Groups proved to be thriving outlets with real staying power. Join Jenn Fink, Director of Digital & Social Strategy from award-winning agency GLOW for a look at why Facebook Groups are important communities to nurture for marketers and brands, especially in the age of stay at home - and potentially - work from home forever. 

In this session we’ll cover:

  • Are Facebook Groups the right platform for your brand?
  • Case studies from top entertainment brands.
  • Who’s in control? How to moderate while not getting in the way.
  • Thought starters and the future of groups.


Jennifer Fink
Director, Digital & Social Strategy

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