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Bil Goldfield

Director, Corporate Communications
Dole Food Company

Bil Goldfield’s Session(s)

10:00 am–10:45 am
Leveraging Shared Values to Drive Engagement and Brand Loyalty

Bil is passionate about crafting positive brand experiences, and he has been doing that for 12 years for Dole Food Company. Bil has been fortunate in his 20+ year career to build a broad practice in communications, marketing (digital, print and social), advertising and business strategy and then leveraging those skills to generate sales. He has strategized many successful value enhancements to B2B and consumer marketing across a variety of different industries.  At Dole, he leads all communications at the brand and product levels, and was instrumental in securing and directing Dole’s multiyear, shared values-based nutritional relationship with The Walt Disney Company featuring healthy-living campaigns inspired by Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel films including Captain Marvel arriving in theaters in March.

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