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Tuesday, March 19, 2019: Pre-Summit Workshops

Our social media trainings are three-hour deep dive sessions, built to help you get answers to your business challenges. Sessions are packed with discussions and activities will get your creative ideas flowing, along with templates and resources you can take back to share with your team back at the office.

Social media trainings are an essential part of your conference experience! Here’s why:

 We hand-pick our training facilitators that have extensive backgrounds and expertise in working with renowned brands and social media practitioners like you.

 We introduce you to the training leader prior to the start of the conference — so you can contact them directly with any questions you have or specific topics you’d like addressed during the session.

 We keep training numbers limited to ensure you have dedicated, one-on-one time with each training trainer to get your specific questions answered.

Vanessa Errecarte
Marketing Simplified

Social Media Training A

10:00 am–1:00 pm — Create and Grow a PROFITABLE Online Marketing Program (Even on a Tight Budget)

Limited Seating — Registration Required

In this hands-on session, you will learn about the most profitable online marketing strategies and tools right now to effectively market your services online with social media, email, and paid traffic. You will learn a four-part framework to create automated marketing funnels starting with profit-generating content creation strategies and ending with advanced paid traffic techniques and planning.

Key takeaways:

  • A deep understanding of the most common mistake marketers make when creating their online content and how to fix it in order to sell with ease.
  • Instruction on the best social media platforms and strategies to invest in (and instruction about how to divest from the social media mistakes that you don’t know you’re making, which are tanking your profits anyway).
  • How to pair email marketing with lead generation from social media and online advertising to maximize conversions.
  • Overview of paid traffic best practices (involving Facebook, Google, and Instagram Ads).
  • Short-term and long-term planning techniques for online marketing and tools for budgeting and profit prediction.

Who is this training for?
This training is accessible and effective for marketers of all levels.


David Sokolow

Social Media Training B

10:00 am–1:00 pm — Developing an Executable Influencer Marketing Strategy

Limited Seating — Registration Required

In this session, we are going to cover the end-to-end on what it takes to develop an influencer strategy that you can actually execute. We’ll cover things you might expect, like how to set up measurement, to areas you may not expect, like how your team is set up. At the end of the session, you’ll leave with a strategic plan custom to your organization to bring back to your team.

Main topics include:

  • Knowing your product: The first step in getting influencer marketing right is understanding your product. What’s the value you provide, how is it purchased today, how do your customers consume content in general and from influencers in this space
  • Knowing your goals: The second step is knowing how your organization values success. Are your brand’s goals awareness driven or more direct response related? What promotions are you willing to do and not willing to do? How long is your organization willing to invest in testing a new channel? What gets your CFO excited?

  • Knowing your team: The third step is knowing what your team can do and can’t do (and being honest with yourself). How many people do you have fully dedicated to this today in-house? Are you willing to work with an agency and how much are you willing to pay for that? How does that get valued in relation to the rest of your marketing spend?

  • Assessing the influencer landscape: We’ll run through the landscape of influencers, what to expect at different levels (micro vs. macro), what to expect on different platforms (both from influencers and user behavior) and give you an opportunity to think through the best platform for your brand

  • Measuring, scaling and management: We’ll walk through all tactics for measurement ranging from awareness to direct response, how to think about metrics for your brand, and how to leverage content on different channels (and develop custom strategies for your brand)

We’ll review case studies of top brands in all of these areas to give you ideas on how you can make it work with your brand.

Who is this for? This session is for CMOs, social media managers and influencer managers who are looking to build out their influencer programs.


Janet Johnson
Janet E Johnson

Social Media Training C

2:00 pm–5:00 pm — The Best Tools & Hacks for Creating High-Quality, Low-Cost Videos and How to Effectively Market Them

Limited Seating — Registration Required

This workshop will give show you how to create simple, professional videos and how to best market these videos online.

We will:

  • Discuss why video is important in today’s marketing world and examples of how video can add value to a solid social media marketing plan
  • Review common challenges in coming up with content ideas for videos and how to address them
  • Great app and website options to easily create professional videos along with the pros and cons of each
  • Effective ways to market your videos to help them gain traction and engagement

Who is this social media training for?

This training is for any company that would like to use more video in their marketing and is looking for time-saving and money-saving hacks to create more video. Please bring your phone to participate in the video creation portion of the workshop.


Nicolette Trebing
Horizon Media
Ashley Vasquez
Blue Hour Studios

Social Media Training D

2:00 pm–5:00 pm — An In-Depth Look at Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

Limited Seating — Registration Required

Ashley and Nicolette will be reviewing Facebook & Instagram ad formats, targeting, and best practices to maximize paid performance based on campaign objectives.

In this hands-on workshop, attendees will leave with a deep understanding of:

  • Building ad campaigns specific to Facebook vs. Instagram
  • Which ad formats are best to achieve brand objectives and reach customers at each stage of the marketing funnel
  • Reach Frequency vs Auction Buying
  • Best practices when creating content for paid social
  • Effective strategies for measurement

Who is this training for? 
Beginner/intermediate Facebook advertisers.


Seating is limited - save your seat!

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Can I bring my team to the trainings?
Absolutely! Contact Kelly at [email protected] about group discounts for attending trainings.

Are trainings included in my general summit access pass?
No, access to these trainings is not included in your purchase of a Social Media Strategies Summit general summit pass. If you want to attend the trainings, you’ll need to purchase a dedicated ticket to that training.

How many people attend trainings?
We limit seating to 40 to make sure the training leader has time to work one-on-one with attendees. Reserve your seat as soon as possible — they fill up quickly!

Can I attend multiple trainings?
Yes! You can attend both AM and PM workshops (and you get $100 off your training day registration if you do!) If you can't make it for the AM workshop — no problem. Our afternoon training sessions start at 2pm. You can fly in same day and still catch 3 hours of jam packed learning before the summit starts.

What past attendees say about our trainings:

The trainings are worth the extra day away from the office! Great info for the extra cost.

- Katie Neuman,
Northwestern Publishing House Christian Books and Gifts

SMSS really emphasizes the collaborative innovative nature of creating social media content. I have a million new ideas that I can't wait to share with my colleagues.

- Katie Monfet,
Eastern Florida State College

Enjoyed the small workshop size, made it easy to engage, learn and speak to presenters.

- Nancy McKenzie,
Hill’s Pet Nutrition

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