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Wednesday, March 20, 2019    1:00 pm–1:45 pm

A Fantasy Football Case Study: How Brands and Influencers are the Perfect Match

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Nike wouldn’t be the billion dollar company it is today without Michael Jordan. The NFL wouldn’t be able to reach the younger generation without their star players’ social media presence, like Odell Beckham Jr., J.J. Watt, or Antonio Brown. It’s all about the influencers, and a brand is only as strong as its influencers.

It’s one thing to have an influencer, but it’s another thing to utilize them to their full potential. The match between an influencer and a brand takes foresight, strategy, research and the ability to customize content specifically for the influencer.

In this session, learn how the CEOs of PinkDear helped re-strategize the NFL’s fantasy football social brand by working hand-in-hand with the brand’s influencers to maximize their social media following.

Key takeaways include:

  • The importance of developing a relationship between the brand and the right influencers on social media
  • How to maximize influencers for a brand
  • How to create custom content distinct for all parties involved


Heather Pink
PinkDear LLC

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