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Wednesday, March 20, 2019    11:15 am–12:00 pm

How Warner Bros. Activated Influencers to Reignite One of Your Favorite Childhood Brands

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Warner Bros. is home to beloved animations and timeless characters celebrated around the world. To creatively show how these cartoons are still relevant with today's millennial consumers, Warner Bros. utilized strategic influencer partnerships to reignite audiences’ love for the franchises. Between digital and experiential projects, Warner Bros. has tapped in partners whose influence is felt across communities in digital design, street art, and more - resulting in press buzz, millennial engagement on socials, and increased demand for consumer product supply from licensees and retailers. This session will explore the distinct art to making influencer partnerships successful, both in a digital and physical space - from the meticulous strategy and selection of partners to the managing of projects and seeing creative visions come to life.


Ashley Woodall
Director, Franchise Management & Marketing
Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Jason Mitchell
Co-Founder and CEO
Movement Strategy

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