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Wednesday, March 20, 2019    1:00 pm–1:45 pm

A Walmart Case Study: Best Practices in Executive Branding and Presence on Social Media

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Think about a CEO or company leader that just nails it on social media. This is a person that at a glance you know that they are a leader that you want to know and follow. They are doing exciting things, providing insights on current events and demonstrating their passion for their team.

Now think about your company's leadership. When the time comes (hint: now), can you turn them into the social superstars you think they should be? Where do you start?

We'll cover every step of the process of creating an executive presence on social media: Discovering purpose, defining an audience, managing risk, setting expectations, and building a human brand people will love. After all, who better to communicate your company's message on social media than the team at the top? Executives bring a credibility and impact that company channels can't match. We'll show you how.


Micah Laney
Social Strategist

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