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Thursday, March 21, 2019    11:00 am–11:40 am

Creators, Your Brand’s Best Friend: How to Run Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns on YouTube

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Influencer marketing has been the key pillar of Amino’s global growth – our app has been downloaded 30+ million times and achieved a 4.8 star rating in the app stores. In 2018 alone, we launched 5000 campaigns on influencer YouTube videos across 7 languages. Why is it so effective? How do we do it?

We will:

  • Present our influencer marketing strategy, sharing the concept and execution of user acquisition-focused campaigns that start on YouTube video integrations and turn into in-app interactions, sparking collaborative content creation between users and creators. Fans and influencers work together in the same storytelling;
  • Present the Amino Partners case study, the influencer program developed to allow VIP content creators to monetize their own Amino communities on their terms and generate revenue from the content they create. By charging a paid subscription, creators offer exclusive content and experiences to their superfans - from sneak peek videos and collaborative content events to 1:1 voice chats between users and their YouTube idols.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create an effective influencer marketing video campaign
  • How to find the right influencer to endorse your brand
  • How to create long-lasting relationships with creators
  • How to integrate content into your influencer strategy


Louise Peres
Marketing Manager
Amino Apps

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