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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 - 11:50AM - 12:30PM

Making the case for social media … in 2017

Social media for companies like yours doesn’t work, you don’t have the resources, it isn’t worth the time and energy. So they say - and “they” just happen to be the decision makers. But your organization has goals, and social is a key part of your plan.

Sound familiar? Whether your company is a B2B, a nonprofit, risk-averse or just stuck in a timewarp, please join Sherry Skalko, a veteran builder of digital audiences, to talk about ways to make the case for social media as a critical business tool.

Since 1998, Sherry has been leveraging content to connect audiences and organizations, from large companies like ESPN.com and AOL’s Patch, to nonprofits and B2B publications. She’ll share strategies and lessons learned from successes and failures in turning social media skeptics into believers.

Attendees will leave with these takeaways:

  • How to ensure your social media strategy stands up to scrutiny
  • The long-term value of gaining organizational buy-in
  • How to communicate a basic but meaningful analytics report

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    Sherry Skalko
    Director, Digital & Audience Development
    Business Insurance

    About your Presenter

    Sherry Skalko is a digital media leader with a record of growing audiences for national and regional news outlets, nonprofit organizations and niche publications. A born-and-bred journalist and editor with more than 25 years’ experience, Sherry helps organizations leverage technology and data to devise strategies for content creation, audience development and monetization. She has led teams as large as 200 and has been a team of one at organizations such as ESPN.com, the Tribune Company, the Online News Association, AOL’s Patch and the Chicago Reporter. She most recently served as the Director of Digital & Audience Development at Crain’s Business Insurance, where she helped some of the largest insurance companies and brokerages tell their stories and reach their audiences.

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