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Friday, April 28th, 2017 - 2:20PM - 3:00PM

Blending the artistry & science of social media: A touchpoint in a consumer journey

We will explore the methodology and integration of social channels into an integrated marketing plan. Attendees will learn about how to:

  • Understand how research leads to the type, topic, and tactic for content creation through social channels
  • Integrate SEO objectives with micro-moment and intent targeting
  • Test and isolate the communication strategy through each channel
  • Understand how social media acts as a touchpoint to influence consumer behavior across channels
  • Where to amplify the messaging using paid or influencer channels
  • Maintain brand integrity and reinforce your brand platform
  • Measure and learn from each campaign to report the value to leadership or clients

We will walk through how we have tackled these challenges as part of a holistic inbound marketing strategy at Angie’s List.

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Byron Hardie
Head of Inbound Marketing
Angie's List

About your Presenter

Byron is head of Inbound Marketing and Digital Strategy for Angie’s List, a leader in the Home Services industry. Starting his career as a web designer and programmer he was an early pioneer of the SEO industry in 1998. Throughout his career he has accumulated skills across many roles including Director of Product Management for TEN Entertainment, Digital & Inbound Strategist for many Fortune 5000 companies, and heading up agency search solutions used by thousands of SMBs. 

This diversity has provided a unique perspective in blending a variety of disciplines into a single cohesive consumer experience strategy. In recent years Byron has provided his Digital Marketing POV to Silicon Valley executives at numerous digital leader summits with focus on the integration of experience-driven design, brand architecture, and the use of data and analytics to create intent-based communication campaigns that influence consumer behavior.

While Social Media (organic and paid) is one of the primary activation channels, these tactics also enable cross-channel touchpoints through other digital channels including SEO, SEM, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, programmatic display, traditional media.

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