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Chris Rudolph

Director, Business Accelerator Program
American Family Insurance

Chris Rudolph is a husband, father of three, business coach and director of The Business Accelerator Program at American Family Insurance.

The Business Accelerator Program is a free, online toolkit by American Family Insurance that is designed to help you grow your small business dream!  It includes expert advice, articles and live-streamed events in key areas like sales, marketing, finance and leadership.

Since 2002, Chris has spent plenty of time on the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur...the highest highs, feeling like you're on top of the world...but also the lowest lows, feeling like a complete failure or wondering if you're going to have enough cash to stay in business next month.

After starting and selling-off two businesses (one fitness gym and one software company) there is one thing he’s learned along the way...it's extremely difficult to pursue your dream by doing it all alone. If you want to finish well, you need coaching and support, just like any serious athlete does.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Chris also enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, especially escaping the frigid winters to sunny, tropical places like Mexico, various islands in the Caribbean, and Uganda, Africa.

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