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Wednesday, April 25, 2018    1:00 pm - 1:40 pm

Best Practices for Video Conversion from Facebook Live and Other Streams

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Video has proven to be the best method to attract new users, but how do we convert? That is the million-dollar monetizing question. Dean will share his team’s best video conversion techniques and case studies. His Social Jack™ produced and worked with over 2,000 videos as it relates to Social Media. He will share how they use multiple stream options to test and feed video content for quick use, test, and conversion. Once they perform, it’s time to turn those videos into a campaign. You will leave with an easy to follow overview of their process so you can implement and enjoy the rewards of video conversion.

In this session, you’ll leave with…

  • Tips to kick up your live stream attendance
  • Easy to follow production steps to setup conversion
  • Hacks to quickly convert your video to a campaign
  • How to leverage teams members and influencers
  • A simple checklist to put this into practice


Dean DeLisle
Founder & CEO

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