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Wednesday, April 25, 2018    10:15 am - 10:55 am

Future Proofing Your Social Strategy

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Leaders expect results, everyone wants social support ("I mean, how hard is it to tweet this for me?"), social networks rise and fall, algorithms evolve... and you're just trying to stay #sane.  

Today, social media is a multi-tool for marketing organizations of all shapes and sizes. However, budgets are hard to come by, headcount is never promised and the attention of our audience is a scarce resource.  

In this landscape, social strategies can't just look good on paper; social marketers must focus on impact and design nimble, hardworking systems that can withstand the unknowns. This jam-packed session will be a conversation about getting back to basics, elevating your audience and telling stories that matter.


Lance Trueb
Social Marketing Manager

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