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Jeff Julian

CEO & Co-Founder
EnterpriseMarketer.com / Squared Digital

Jeff Julian is the Co-founder of EnterpriseMarketer.com and Squared Digital, a marketing services agency based in Kansas. Jeff has been helping companies, such as Microsoft, develop content strategies for over twelve years after he launched one of the largest blogging communities, Geekswithblogs.net. He has been a web developer since 1994, a best-selling author of a book on content management system development, and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in XML and SharePoint. Jeff has recently released a book titled, Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for your Content Marketing Teams.

Jeff Julian’s Session(s):

2:00 pm–5:00 pm — Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Social Media Training C: Video Marketing, Take One, ACTION! Become a Video Marketing Superstar

If you are considering a video for a campaign, content marketing effort, or sales enablement, you need to understand what goes into producing valuable video assets. And, no, it’s not likely your iPhone 7 camera and built-in microphone are going to cut it. We know it can quickly become overwhelming with the plethora of cameras, lights, tripods, software, live streaming…well, the list could go on and on. But take heart! With a little flexing of your creative muscles and the courage to get out of your comfort zone, you can become a quality video marketer. 

Jeff Julian, Co-founder of EnterpriseMarketer.com and author of the book ‘Agile Marketing’, will show you how his interest in media turned into a hobby, and later became the primary form of content that got him recognized as marketing thought leader. 

During this session, you will learn about what’s involved in the planning, tools, and techniques to create killer video content that will enhance your marketing efforts, or create a brand-new channel for building brand awareness or driving sales.

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