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Tina Starkey

Sr. Director, Social Marketing
American Cancer Society

Tina Starkey is a modern marketer with 15+ years’ experience developing and executing digital marketing strategies in the non-profit space. She has a passion for creating authentic connections – both online and #IRL - and creating richer experiences for brands and consumers. In her free time, she is mom to Max (3) and loves to travel to warm places. Currently, she leads all social and influencer marketing for the American Cancer Society.

Tina Starkey’s Session(s):

11:00 am–11:40 am — Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Micro Budget, Mega Impact: How to Decrease Your Content Production by 80% and Drive Big Results

As algorithms change and consumer attention spans decrease, stopping thumbs is getting harder and harder. How do you get small investments to deliver big results in social? 

Join this session as we delve into how the American Cancer Society moved from static stock photography to true video storytelling via:

  • Optimizing creative to feed the algorithm
  • Amplifying content to the people who matter
  • Investing wisely when every dollar counts

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