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David J.P. Fisher

RockStar Consulting

David J.P. Fisher (also known as D. Fish) is a speaker, coach, and author of 8 books, including the best-selling Hyper-Connected Selling and Networking in the 21st Century: Why Your Network Sucks and What to Do About It. Building on 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and sales professional, he combines nuanced strategy and real-world tactics to help professionals become more effective, efficient, and happy.

David’s goal is to help them understand the new landscape of Hyper-Connected Selling, where social media, networking, and old-school sales and communication skills are the key to providing value and staying relevant. He lives in Evanston, IL – next to a huge cemetery which helps him appreciate the value of every day.

David J.P. Fisher’s Session(s):

1:30 pm–2:10 pm — Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! Using Social Media to Align Sales and Marketing in a Hyper-Connected World

Your most valuable allies for creating and sharing content are down the hall…but are you tapping into the sales team’s expertise and energy?  Let’s look at how can you create a seamless customer experience by ensuring that your online efforts from both sales and marketing are aligned.

In a hyper-connected world, buyers want and need help navigating their journey.  You can become their go-to resource by breaking down the traditional silos (and antagonisms) between sales and marketing.  By working together on a strategic and tactical basis, it’s possible to speed up feedback cycles, cut marketing costs, and bring in more revenue (which should be everyone’s goal).

Let’s get past the buzzwords and look at how to:  

  • Navigate the melding of sales and marketing functions in organizations
  • Leverage your internal sales team as external influencers
  • Enlist the sales team to help create and share social content

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