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Wednesday, May 1, 2019    4:20 pm–5:00 pm

Case Study: Refreshing Coca-Cola on Social Media

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Social media has gone from a place to connect with our friends and loved ones to a place filled with negativity, fake news, and anxiety-inducing conflict.  Not only is the content in the digital space often negative, but it is also overcrowded with brands pushing messages at consumers.  For all these reasons, it is difficult for brands to be both (uniquely) relevant to consumers while also selling a product – and in a social (& consumer) first compelling way. 

In 2018, Coca Cola wanted to find a consistent and authentic way to connect with consumers and completely re-imagined its approach to social content.  We deleted all of our Instagram content and started fresh across all of our social channels.  We looked at how consumers use social media and married it with our brand values and made a goal to become the most optimistic brand in the digital space. 

In this session, we will talk about the process and cross-functional team effort it took for one of the biggest brands to make this change on social media. You will see our new approach to content (including a reality show) and the different ways Coca-Cola is trying to add value and authentically connect with consumers. 


Katie O'Gorman
Director, Social Media Strategy & Content
The Coca-Cola Company

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