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Thursday, May 2, 2019    10:00 am–10:40 am

Seeing Business Differently: How Amex Raised the Conversation to Sell Value, Not Just Products (or Points)

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Tangible offers and rewards have always been simple, easy ways to attract the attention of consumers and entice them to convert. But how can you stand out from competitors when you’re all doing the same thing?

Our challenge was to communicate the overall true value of choosing American Express beyond commoditized offers in the sweet spot between brand-level messaging and product. If we could unlock this formula, we would not only drive consideration and demand but also impact our bottom line.  

By examining our latest campaign, you’ll learn more about how brands are trying to entice prospects through more than just tangible, rational benefits through showcasing the holistic value of their products. By showing empathy for the consumer and unlocking mid-funnel messaging, you’ll discover how their latest campaign helped consumers see Amex products as more than just credit cards, and ultimately helped them “see business differently”.

Attend this session and learn how to:

  • Evolve messaging beyond commodities to value
  • Future-proof your business with a multitude of complementary channels
  • Tell empathetic stories that can drive consideration and results


Chris Marino
Director, Global B2B Brand Strategy
American Express

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