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Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 2:00 pm–5:00 pm

Is Analytics Missing from Your Employer Brand? Reviewing Talent Acquisition Strategies in Digital Marketing and Branding

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In this three-hour hour session, we will review how employment branding and consumer/business marketing ties together, and how to analyze and visualize data from social media, Google Analytics, and HR to reveal the ROI on branding and social campaigns related to employment.

Additionally, the session will uncover the trends in employment for digital marketing, and offer training on how to source digital and marketing talent for your own teams, and review best in class assessment and interview techniques.


  • Blueprint an employment branding dashboard using common HR, IT, and marketing data that most HR and marketing functions have access to. We will use demonstration data to mold and shape a dashboard, and discuss the mechanics and data needed to build such a dashboard.
  • Learn the 10 principles of good data visualization, and work in real time how to change visuals to deliver clear and strong messaging. These are applicable for both marketing and employment analytics.
  • Learn sourcing techniques to find digital and branding talent, review compensation and market trends for employment in branding and marketing, and learn interview techniques that assess top candidates and create a strong candidate experience


Andrew Gadomski
Aspen Analytics

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