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Ashley Vasquez

Associate Director, Social Strategy
Horizon Media

Ashley leads a team uniquely composed of both strategy and design. Exhilarated by the idea that there are no failures, only iterations, she believes in tackling social media campaigns with data, logic, and gut-checks, resulting in customized plans appropriate for the dynamic landscape.

Ashley has brought her solution-oriented, anything-is-possible mindset to a number of Horizon’s clients across CPG, travel, entertainment, auto and more. The company’s portfolio includes Constellation Beer and Wines, Disney, GEICO, STX Entertainment, California Lottery, ABC and Kettle Brand Chips, to name a few. Prior to Horizon, Ashley worked at a large health insurance brand and various startups.

Originally from the Chicago area, Ashley has a passion for hearty Midwestern-style food. Now based in LA, her deep-dish pizza, and ballpark hot dog diet has evolved to also include kale and green juice.

Ashley Vasquez’s Session(s):

2:00 pm–5:00 pm — Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Social Media Workshop D: How to Grow a Loyal Community through Social Media Groups

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