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Thursday, August 13, 2020    2:20 pm–3:00 pm

How Live Streaming & Gaming Has Cultivated the Next Generation of Influencers

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According to a recent study*, live streaming grew 12% in December 2019 vs the previous year. And with over 660 billion minutes of Twitch streams watched in 2019, a new breed of influencer has emerged with both the technical skill for gaming and the ability to cultivate a highly engaged community. The top gamers have become even more valuable than traditional influencers, as Twitch competitors like Mixer, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming are gaining market share by bringing influencers to their platforms. But even beyond gaming, live streaming has spilled over into other categories including music and cooking platforms, which opens up live streaming to even more audiences with unique passions and creates more whitespaces for marketers and brands.

Learn from Mekanism’s Partner and Chief Social Officer Brendan Gahan on how brands can leverage the growing focus on streaming as part of their larger social strategies, and why they’ll need to lean into fear for the largest ROI.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to be on the forefront of emerging social trends & platforms
  • Why leaning into fear and taking a big risk on an emerging platform can reap bigger rewards
  • What can we learn about non-traditional influencer campaigns


Brendan Gahan
Chief Social Officer

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