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TJ Terry

Executive Director of Operations and Communications
Waters Edge Church

Born and raised in the Midwest, now living in coastal Virginia, TJ has spent the last eleven years in executive leadership in the church. Prior to working in ministry, TJ worked for Apple, Inc., leading Global Operations and Communications, and was a part of the core team that launched the iPhone worldwide. Taking what he learned at Apple, he has been able to grow Waters Edge Church’s social media presence by 800% in just the last six months.

TJ Terry’s Session(s):

1:40 pm CDT —

Panel: Emerging Trends in Virtual Congregations and Online Campuses

We’d all agree that attending religious services in person is ideal. However, with a pandemic not solved and a change in generation… isn’t attending services online better than not at all? This session will discuss generational shifts and strategies that must conform to attract the digital congregation. Take away an understanding of:

  • Why online services are more than a temporary COVID strategy
  • New opportunities to expand your message globally
  • The importance of engaging via social media platforms
  • Attracting the next generation by utilizing content to engage children
  • Platforms and target audiences

3:10 pm CDT —

Building a Social Media Presence Takes More Than Just An Amazing Teacher

Most churches have a thought-provoking and spirit-led teacher in a lead pastor. Ours was no different but after seventeen years of a faith-filled church, we found our weak point was connecting with our community online. Today’s evangelism stretches more than the local community and the physical presence of a church blends into the virtual presence as well. Is your church prepared for the digital transformation that has accelerated in the past three months? This session will review lessons learned to:

  • Harvest the fruit of a digital strategy with results in six months
  • Understand the strategies of successfully creating organic growth digitally
  • Implement tactics for partnering with an agency
  • Establish metrics to attain goals
  • Harness content strategies to increase engagement rates by over 1,800%

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