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Jordan Watwood

Director of Marketing

Marketing for faith organizations has been Jordan’s passion for over a decade. Since graduating from the University of Georgia with his MBA, he has worked with dozens of Catholic/Christian companies.  He has served as the Associate Director of Marketing for The Dave Ramsey Company and is currently the Director of Marketing for Fuzati.  

Jordan Watwood’s Session(s):

11:45 am CDT —

Attract and Engage Your Audience through Authentic Content

Building a content strategy is daunting. Where do you start? What do you focus on? How do you know you’re headed in the right direction? This session will share with you the content strategies and methods that have grown a social media presence of over eighteen million followers, and become the largest Catholic marketing sites in the world. By using modern technology with time tested truths, you will learn how to bring the best secular marketing practices to your institution by: 

  • Easily generating engaging content 
  • Understanding why your social media followers aren't paying attention to your posts
  • Harnessing five affordable or free platforms that every organization should use
  • Determining if having a large social media audience even matters in 2020

Learning which marketing platforms will give you the best reach for your money

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