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Kenny Jahng

Chief Innovation Officer

Kenny Jahng co-lead the Church Communications Facebook Group with over 27,000 church leaders in community. Kenny is also founder and CEO of Big Click Syndicate, a strategic content marketing agency that helps nonprofits & faith-based ministries / churches build and engage their core audiences. Big Click Syndicate has created and managed performance-based marketing campaigns for brands such as American Bible Society, Biblica, California Baptist University, Redeemer Presbyterian Church and the United Methodist Church. Connect with Kenny @KennyJahng on Twitter or Instagram, or on LinkedIn through his #DailyKJTV vlog.

Kenny Jahng’s Session(s):

10:05 am CDT —

Keynote Panel: Sacred Selfies? A Look at the Intersection of the Digital and Divine in Today's Culture

It’s been a dynamic year of changes, pandemic, economic turbulence, social unrest, and a massive leap forward, for what will be seen as a digital reformation for religious institutions. Learn insights from leaders at the forefront of this transformation and their predictions for the future.

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