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Oliva Hamp

Online Community Manager
Gateway Church
Speaker details coming soon!

Oliva Hamp’s Session(s):

1:10 pm CDT —

Panel: On This Rock You Shall Build a Brand: Social Media Strategies for Churches and Synagogues

We’d all agree that attending religious services in person is ideal. However, with a pandemic not over… as well as a younger generation that puts less value on religious services, social media is the new fisherman's net. This session will discuss generational shifts and strategies that must conform to attract the digital congregation. Take away an understanding of: 

  • Why online services are more than a temporary COVID strategy
  • New opportunities to expand your message globally
  • The importance of engaging via social media platforms
  • Attracting the next generation by utilizing content to engage children
  • Platforms and target audiences

3:40 pm CDT —

Paid Strategies: When Does it Make Sense to Advertise?

Advertising and marketing have a historical connotation not received well in the faith community. However, every person who is preaching, evangelizing, or telling the story of their faith is advertising. But what about paying to tell that story? And where do you spend those dollars to have an impact? Today’s platforms allow us to connect on robust levels and attract individuals in ways never seen before. This session will help you decipher the steps to take to identify a course of action to:

  • Institute a multi-channel marketing program and identify if this is the right strategy for you
  • Set goals for omni-channel marketing and identify which strategy is the correct direction for you
  • Identify your marketing strategies and goals to create options to grow your reach
  • Harness opportunities for the trifecta of advertising (earned media, owned media and paid media)
  • Maximize advertising dollars for reach and engagement with proper KPI’s

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