Charlene Tassinari


As the former Head of Creative Solutions at Google/YouTube, Charlene led the creative go-to-market strategy for the Global SMB sales organization. She drove the vision and development of Google’s video creative resources for small-to-medium businesses, enabling access to affordable, high-quality video creative. 

Prior to this, Charlene established the Brand Evangelist & Executive Strategy team to accelerate Agency and C-level client relationships through YouTube Brand Workshops. She was responsible for brand workshop strategy, curriculum and managing operations of the global team based in San Francisco, New York City,  Dublin, Sydney and Tokyo. Charlene spent an additional 8 years at Google managing partnerships with some of the world’s largest technology brands including Intel, Adobe, Lenovo and McAfee. 

Prior to her time at Google, Charlene spent 4 years in print and radio sales in New York City supporting clients like Mars, Kraft, WWE, General Motors and Volvo.

Charlene has keynoted numerous Industry events including BrandIt with Google Dublin, YouTube for Performance Expert Days, and Innovation Enterprise’s Digital Brand Strategy Summit.

Charlene Tassinari’s Session

9:00 a.m.–9:45 p.m. PT — Thursday, February 29, 2024

Unlocking Your Brand's Creative Advantage in the Age of AI

This keynote is perfect for: inspiring brands to bring AI into their creative workflow, giving marketers confidence in their own creativity, improving creative effectiveness

You're not competing with AI, you're competing with other marketers who use AI. So how do you stand out in the age of universal access to information? These tools generate vast amounts of consumer data, but it’s a marketer's ability to interpret and utilize this data creatively that sets them apart.

In this talk, we’ll educate and inspire brands to nurture their creative thinking and embrace experimentation in order to create unique and memorable campaigns that capture consumer attention and drive business results. Using industry examples, we will: 

  • Prove why every great marketing campaign begins with an insight and share the go-to AI and platform tools for marketers to generate insights for creative development.

  • Share creative provocations for turning insights into campaign concepts that lean into the universal constants of human attention while also challenging industry and platform storytelling patterns 

  • Showcase our multi-phased approach to on-going creative testing and learning 

While AI will continue to push the boundaries of the marketing industry, winning brands will invest in processes that foster human creativity and promote the deep knowledge and intuition that marketers bring to the table.

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