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Do you ever feel like you’re just shouting into the social media void? Despite having a presence across every major platform, your content rarely gets engagement and your views count barely budges. I get it – simply having social media accounts is not enough these days. You need a focused content strategy tailored to your brand and your audience.

A misaligned social media content strategy wastes time and money while confusing audiences and eroding your brand. This lack of clarity and commitment results in lots of busy work with minimal results and a strategy that no one can clearly articulate. As a result, your social media performance stagnates and its value return comes into question. And to add insult to injury, competitors, reviewers and influencers continue to own more of your audience than you do.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, I can help. With over 10+ years of experience driving audience growth for major entertainment brands like Sony and the BBC Studios, I've developed proven methodologies for unlocking lasting audience growth.

You need an actionable content strategy, charting a clear path forward: one that pinpoints where you are and the challenges you currently face. It should anticipate opportunities and obstacles as you drive toward growth. A content strategy is not just what you want to achieve but how.

Join my workshop, and together we’ll discuss how to craft an authentic content strategy that puts your audience and business first.

Key Takeaways:
Own Your Audience:  
  • Cultivate audience relationships with valuable, shareable and memorable content.
  • Leverage your brand's insider knowledge to craft a winning strategy.   
Scale Your Audience:  
  • Transition from viral trends to sustainable audience growth.
  • Identify untapped opportunities and refine output with exclusive content.  
Maximize Your Audience:   
  • Align social content with business goals for measurable ROI.  
  • Nurture enduring audience connections for long-term growth.   
  • Balance the value return to your audience and your business.


Each chapter is broken down into a 30-minute presentation, a 15-minute discussion and a 15-minute break.   
Chapter 1: Own Your Audience   
  • Create content your audience loves  
  • Build emotional bonds through value  
  • Leverage insider brand access   
  • You or others: Who engages audiences better?  
  • Test and refine content     
Chapter 2: Scale Your Audience   
  • Extend brand identity strategically   
  • Identify and fill content gaps   
  • Offer exclusive content competitors can’t  
  • Provide what others won’t  
Chapter 3: Maximize Your Audience    
  • Align content and growth with business goals  
  • Use content to increase audience & business value   
  • Integrate social with broader marketing & sales activities


Brett Snelgrove
Social & Video Content Strategist