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Ever find yourself wondering if there was something more you could do to your content to  increase its impact? As a writer you have learned to rely on your gut, and though that reliance  has merit, that’s just the beginning. There’s also data – and it’s a real giN for those of us who  are expected to create engaging campaigns and content day aNer day. 

Join Mary Olivieri, Chief Innova8on Officer of The Mo8on Agency, as she shares the secrets of  leveraging data in all its forms to boost your content and meet your objec8ves and KPIs. 

In this session, you'll learn how data plays a key role in copy development and get answers to: 

  • What are the best approaches for geWng our audience to engage with our content? • Which crea8ve execu8ons will be most effec8ve and how do I go about determining that? • How do I know if my content is hiWng its mark? 
  • What difference does a single word make? 

Plus, we’ll feature examples from Blue Diamond Almonds, Whirlpool Corpora8on and other leaders in their fields.


Mary Olivieri
Chief Innovation Officer
The Motion Agency