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This keynote is perfect for: inspiring brands to bring AI into their creative workflow, giving marketers confidence in their own creativity, improving creative effectiveness

​The secret to unlocking your brand’s creative advantage in the age of AI is not the technology, it’s your people. In this talk, we’ll reveal how great marketing teams will leverage this people-first superpower in order to unlock the full value of AI tools at their fingertips.

While AI will ultimately impact nearly every part of the business, this talk focuses on what marketers can and should do now. Illustrated through real industry examples, attendees will leave with:

  • A new perspective on the partnership between people and AI, including the critical marriage of the two during the insights generation and ideation stages of campaign development 
  • Ready-to-use prompts for leveraging AI to turn customer insights into creative concepts that capture attention and drive business results 
  • A renewed passion for the even-more-critical role of testing and learning in the age of AI and a framework for continued learning 

As technology reaches new heights, innovative brands will embrace new capabilities and efficiencies. Winning brands will do the same, while simultaneously doubling-down on creating cultures and processes that foster human creativity. 


Carly Potock

Charlene Tassinari