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Jessika Phillips

NOW Marketing Group

Jessika is a social media and relationship marketing strategist. She founded NOW Marketing Group in 2010 with only a laptop and a vision. The company is now a Forbes recognized Agency Partner and a certified inbound partner with Hubspot. NOW Marketing Group works with more than 100 clients across the United States and beyond, choosing to serve – not sell. Jessika also teaches comprehensive relationship marketing, presents in a weekly videocast “Magnet Marketers” and hosts one of the largest social media Midwest conferences, Social Media Week Lima.

Jessika Phillips’s Session

10:00 am–1:00 pm — Tuesday, February 4, 2020

First Responders – Workshop A: Building Your Social Media Policy Framework

A social media policy is a crucial tool for any organization regardless if they use social media. More than 74% of the population uses social media, which means your employees are most likely using the platforms as well. 

A social media policy will provide a guide so you and your employees are prepared for potential best and worst-case scenarios that could happen online. It also will serve as a resource detailing company/brand expectations as it relates to personal and professional social media usage. If your brand is one of the 63% of companies that do not have a social media policy in place, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to brand threats.

Ready to create your policy framework and make 2020 the year to protect your organization? 

In this fast-paced, action-filled workshop we will cover:

  • What is a Social Media Policy?
  • The 5 things you must consider before creating your policy
  • The step by step process to creating your Social Media Policy
  • Real Organization's Social Media Policies - the Good, Bad and Ugly

This session is for anyone wanting to ensure their organization is protected online through creating a Social Media Policy Framework.

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