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Corporal Liz Chapman

Arkansas State Police - Little Rock, AR

Corporal Chapman is a 14 year veteran of law enforcement. She began her law enforcement career as an officer with the Sand Springs Police Department in Sand Springs, Oklahoma after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Drury University in Missouri in 2006.

After moving back home and joining the Arkansas State Police in 2011, Corporal Chapman worked in the Highway Patrol Division and was selected as a member of the ASP’s Crisis Negotiation Team. Corporal Chapman holds instructor certifications in General Law Enforcement, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, and Firearms.

In 2015, Corporal Chapman moved into the Public Affairs Office. At that time, the Arkansas State Police was not on Social Media AT ALL! The director of the Arkansas State Police placed his faith in Corporal Chapman, and she started the social media pages for the agency from scratch. Today, Corporal Chapman supervises all of the ASP’s social media platforms and a team of Highway Patrol troopers who help assist in her effort to keep the Arkansas State Police pages involved in the community. While solely running the social media sites, she is also responsible for coordinating community relation events, interviews, and media releases throughout the state.

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